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Please suggest all script commands that are still undocumented (by Don).Please add as much of your own documentation that you can (syntax, examples, etc.)!I'll add them to the main (locked) thread afterwards.Thanks for all contributions!WARNING for visitors: undocumented commands are liable to vanish without a moment's notice. Exercise caution.(This applies particularly to least-used, debug commands, those that have no conceivable use in regular scripting, but again, no undocumented command is perfectly safe.).

Code: v - 2013-06-09 20:14 Now the full NTFS filetime resolution can be displayed, edited,and reported. The resolution goes down to 1/10 of a microsecond (=100 nanoseconds).Note that with today's hard and software the relation of suchgranular time expressions with temporal reality is less thanperfect, but who knows what's coming. Code: logtofile 3; //log all added.and. triggered background jobs to a logfilelogtofile; //look at the statusbar RemarksThis command is analogous to the commandline argument /log.Note that both ways of setting the logging can be done simultaneously: their values will be combined (bitwise OR-ed). So when::logtofile 1 has been set, and you start the app with /log=2, then both events, eLTFBackgroundJobAdded (1) and eLTFBackgroundJobTriggered (2) are logged.The setting is remembered across sessions again if it was set by::logtofile. Logging set by command switch /log=.

Xyplorer Scripts S

Is not remembered.Log are saved as XYLog.txt. Eg, XYLog-2014-11-22.txtHistory. Code: + Added Logging to File: Now you can optionally have certain eventslogged to a file named 'XYLog-2010-07-20.txt' (date of today) andlocated in the app data path.Events are identified by a number (binary field). Currently onlyone event is supported: Background Job Triggered (#1). To activatelogging for this event use the following new scripting command:::logtofile 1;To deactive logging:::logtofile 0;To show logging status:::logtofile; //status is displayed in the statubarThe setting is remembered across sessions./size.

Once upon a time there was a highly regarded DOS file browserand utility program called Norton Commander. It was so beloved, andso on-point conceptually that clones for Windows were soon to befound all about the land. Some, like the super-tweakable, even morepowerful XYplorer, still exist.

Xyplorer Scripts S Wife

Xyplorer Scripts S

Xyplorer Scripts S Day

And that means one big happyforever after if you do a lot of files copying, moving, deleting,etc.Okay, enough of the fractured fairytale. XYplorer is dual-panedfile browser, not unlike what you see when you have WindowsExplorer open with the tree in view, albeit with and extra pane tofacilitate moves and copies.

Xyplorer Scripts S First

The beauty of this program, however,is that you can open multiple tabs (right-click over a tab) in eachpane. This makes it super-easy to copy file from multiple locationsto a single one.XYplorer also offers a host of appearance tweaks and the abilityto create, save and load scripts for automation. About the onlything missing is folder syncing.So, if you're looking for a file browser on steroids in thetradition of Norton Commander, XYplorer is well worth a look.There's also a portable version that's a slightly largerdownload.Note: This program costs 20 Euros. The USDprice given here reflects the exchange rate on the day this reviewwas posted.-Jon L.

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