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Your output file is located in folder pointed to by Command Prompt. For me it is C:UsersAlex.Now with aircrack-ng we need to convert our new cleaned file in hashcat format with aircrack-ng.Aircrack-ng Usage:aircrack-ng-sse2.exe -J It is used a capital letter -J.My command:aircrack-ng-sse2.exe cleaned.cap -J cleanedIf you have more than 1 handshake in your capture file, select one of them:I unpacked hashcat to C:UsersAlexDownloadshashcat-3.30 folder. So I copy my new file cleaned.hccap to this folder and type.

Wordlist For Password Cracking

Best way to crack wpa handshake

Wifi Wordlist

Cd C:UsersAlexDownloadshashcat-3.30Also I copied my dictionary to the same folder.On Windows we can use hashcat32.exe or hashcat64.exe binary, according to your system.My command:hashcat64.exe -m 2500 cleaned.hccap newrockyou.txtWhere:. hashcat64.exe – is binary.m 2500 – the number of the WPA / WPA2 hash (you can check it here). cleaned.hccap – the cleaned and converted file with hash for cracking. newrockyou.txt – dictionary fileTo learn more about hashcat options, continue reading.

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