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.: December 1, 1998.: 1998Mode(s)Thief: The Dark Project is a 1998 first-person developed by and published. Set in a medieval metropolis called the City, players take on the role of, a master thief trained by a secret society who, while carrying out a series of robberies, becomes embroiled in a complex plot that ultimately sees him attempting to prevent a great power from unleashing chaos on the world.Thief was the first PC stealth game to use light and sound as, and combined complex with simulation systems to allow for. The game is notable for its use of first-person perspective for non-confrontational gameplay, which challenged the market and led the developers to call it a 'first-person sneaker', while it also had influences in later stealth games such as and.The game received critical acclaim and has been placed on numerous hall-of-fame lists, achieving sales of half a million units by 2000, making it Looking Glass' most commercially successful game.

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It is regarded as one of the and helped popularize the stealth genre. Thief was followed by an expanded edition entitled Thief Gold (1999) which modified certain missions and included a few brand new levels, two sequels - (2000), and (2004) - and a reboot of the series - (2014). Thief was one of two games in the series that Looking Glass worked on before it was forced to close.

The game's emphasis on stealth means that players must plan their moves carefully and use their environment to get around hostile enemies, or in some cases take them out using their equipment, such as theThief takes place from a perspective in a environment, with the game's story taking place over a series of missions, in which the is able to perform various actions such as leaning, crouching, swimming, climbing, running and fighting, amongst other abilities. Are largely unscripted and maze-like, and allow for; while (NPCs) may either remain stationary or walk about on a patrol route, players have the freedom to choose how to get around them and the obstacles in a level's environments in order to complete specific tasks, such as getting through a locked door. In each level, the player is given a set of objectives to complete, such as stealing a specific object, which they must complete in order to progress to the next level; the player can choose to play on one of three before starting a level, which they can change between missions, with higher difficulties adding additional objectives such as not killing human NPCs or stealing a certain amount of loot from the amount available in a level, changing the amount of health the player character has, and changing how sensitive a NPC is to their environment. ^ Dunkin, Alan (December 1, 1998).

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^ Hindmarch, Will (June 9, 2009). The Escapist. Retrieved July 30, 2009. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Garrett: I was a kid.

No parents, no home. Running messages and picking pockets to keep my ribs from meeting my spine. One night I saw a man. Folks just passed him by like he wasn't there.

I thought he must have something valuable, so I snuck up on him and made a grab. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Keeper: That's not for you. / Garrett: Please, sir, I'm hungry.

Don't tell the Hammers, I promise-. Keeper: You have talent, lad.

To see a Keeper is not an easy thing. Especially one who does not wish to be seen.

We have a need for those as gifted as yourself. If you've grown tired of how you live, then follow me, and we will show you a different way. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Garrett: I caught up with him just before he vanished into the crowd. It was the beginning of a very long education. (1998).

Thief: The Dark Project. Garrett: The Keepers were training me to be one of them, but I found. Others uses for those skills.

(1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Garrett: Farkus is one of the few merchants willing to risk selling to an independent like me, and his prices are steep.

But the other choice is to let one of the so-called 'City Wardens' give me orders. And take a cut of my profits. They'd been after me for years to join one of their stables, but I'm not interested. Maybe they'll get the idea and give up. More likely they'll just ramp up the threats.

(1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Ramirez's 'to do' list: Garrett – South Quarter 'independent' thief.

Denied cut three times. Sent Quince and Jacow out to shorten him. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Assassins Objectives: Evidently these assassins think they have killed you. As long as they continue to think that, they should lead you right back to whoever sent them. /.

Time to show Ramirez who the real criminal mastermind is. Break into his mansion and take what he values most – his wealth. The purse from his belt should make the point.

(1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Garrett: I was contacted by a woman named Viktoria. She claims to represent a client who was impressed by the way I took care of Ramirez, and now wants me to steal something for him.

The target is a magical sword, owned by a nobleman and collector named Constantine. Little is known about Constantine except that he is an eccentric new face in this city, and mostly keeps to himself. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Viktoria: Garrett?

It's Viktoria. I trust you made it back alive? You've done well, Garrett. Come with me, and bring the sword. There is someone you have to meet.

It's time for the payment you've been promised. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Constantine: Would it surprise you to know that it was I who hired you to steal my own sword? You see, Viktoria and I are.

/ Viktoria: Old associates. / Constantine: Yes. You were being tested, do you understand? And I must say, you more than live up to your reputation. You are quite an extraordinary thief.

/. Garrett: What exactly is this 'item'?

/ Constantine: It is a gemstone called The Eye. For its unusual. / Viktoria: Appearance. / Constantine: Yes.

Kept hidden in the sealed cathedral, deep inside the halls of the scum Hammerites. I am prepared to offer you quite a sum: a hundred thousand, upon receipt of The Eye.

(1998). Thief: The Dark Project. The eye that Constantine wants is in the abandoned cathedral of the Hammerites. The cathedral is located in the section of the city that was deserted years ago, after some kind of catastrophe. I'll make my way through the ruins to the Hammerite cathedral, and find a way inside. (1998).

Thief: The Dark Project. The Eye: Comes a man to rescue me. The Keepers have sealed the doors and only they know how to open them.

Cross you the bridge to the grotto of the Keepers' Sentinel. Stand you on the pedestal, and illuminate the statue with fire. Then you can discover the secret of the Talismans. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Letter to Keeper Andrus: However, we believe that we were compelled to act. Were the Trickster not opposed, he could bring destruction upon the entire city, and upon us as well.

/. Letter to Keeper Lukas: We are relieved to hear that you have successfully contained the destruction. It was for just such a contingency that the Elemental Wards have been saved these many years, and we support your decision to use them now, as the peril that you have described is grave indeed. We urge you to hide the Talismans with great care, as their discovery could lead to another such catastrophe. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Garrett: The Keepers have hidden the talismans of Fire and Water in a place they call 'the lost city'.

Some kind of cataclysm buried the place underground ages ago. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Garrett: Getting the talismans of Earth and Air will be an interesting challenge, but I'll need them if I want to get The Eye for Constantine. They're well-hidden inside the City's Hammer Temple, so I'll have to do some scouting around. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project.

Garrett: With the talismans, I'll be able to break the wards on the cathedral. It's time for me to retrieve The Eye and bring it to Constantine. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Garrett: With the talismans, I'll be able to break the wards on the Cathedral. It's time for me to retrieve The Eye and bring it to Constantine.

(1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Though these be perhaps the final moments of our beloved cathedral and mine mortal life, I shall faithfully chronicle to the end.

A great evil magic hath befallen us, and we battle with demon-kind on all sides. Our own fallen brethren rise from death and turn on us, cold light aflame in their eyes.

Thief Dark Mod

Our mighty doors availed us naught, for the assault was from within. Soon I shall be found and slain, like the others. May The Builder save our souls. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project.

Garrett: It's a rock. It's what you asked for. Am I gonna get paid or not?

/. Trickster: Did you think those ancient phrases were mere words, manfool? I am the Woodsie Lord—the Trickster of legend!. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Viktoria: Bow to the Woodsie Lord, and offer up your flesh eye so that his eye of stone may see, manfool.

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^ (1998). Thief: The Dark Project.

(1998). Thief: The Dark Project.

Keeper: Since you left us, you've been a stone rolling downhill. Now you must aim this remarkable momentum. It is past time for the balance to shift. / Keeper: They come. / Garrett: Wha-?

Looks like I'd better get moving, or whatever those things are will waste a perfectly good rescue. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Trickster's Note: The world as I once knew it was a place of magic—full of mystery and inhabited by creatures of glamour and terror.

The men who lived there lit their bonfires and wondered at what crept and lurked in the darkness outside their weak circles of light. All their dreams, their aspirations and dreads, come from that darkness. Now, as the forces of 'progress' cover the meadows in brick and cobblestone, as they replace the majestic loft of tree with the blocky ponderousness of building, they also light the world in their electric, actinic glare.

With the lighting of the shadows, man loses his ability to fear, and to dream. I have conceived of a plan to revive the darkness, to bring a resurrection of the ability to fear and dream.

And, once my dark project is realized, they shall know again to fear and love their Lord. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Trickster's Note: Draws the scribed Star, marks the Compasses. The Eye, shows the marksey lines of power.

Marks the Compass Borning, the Compass Leaf, the Stormsie Compass, the Flamesie Compass, the Compass Tidestream, the Compass Stone, the Compass Darkness. Weights each Starsie point with Elements of the Compass, with pure truest. Weights the Center with the Eye, fed mansblood, sees the Compasses and the bloodtrail to the trueworld.

Thief remastered

Each Compass walks the Elements forth, paints to the Eye colors of heartsmaw Chaos, for follow the Eye back to the mansie world. Binds the Eyevisions, gathers the sights the glories, open fulls the Eye to see forth the world, bloodcalled, compasspainted, chaosfed, paintings on the world the image is showed. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Objective: Get out of Constantine's mansion alive. (1998).

Thief: The Dark Project. Garrett: Those crazy Hammers. You know, it wouldn't hurt to have a few dozen heavily-armed fanatics on my side just about now.

If I drop by their temple and explain things, maybe they'll be so distracted by the Trickster's return that they'll forget to hold a grudge. (1998).

Thief: The Dark Project. Garrett: What happened here? And where are all the Hammerites? Looks like Constantine got here before me. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Garrett: The Hammers have built me a booby-trapped, counterfeit Eye.

If I can swap it for the real thing, it should cause him some trouble. If he doesn't notice me. (1998).

Thief: The Dark Project. Garrett: What do you want from me? You come to congratulate me?

Welcome me back to the fold? / Keeper: Very well.

I will speak my piece plainly. You have accomplished that which was written, and yes, you've done it well. But there is no place for you with us any longer. Yet you will have a great need of us, and soon. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Garrett: Tell my friends that I don't need their secret book, or their glyph warnings, or their messengers.

Tell them I'm through. Tell them it's over. Tell them Garrett is done. (1998). Thief: The Dark Project. Keeper: I will tell them this.

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