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Rbs Silver Account Hmv Scam

ETN Overview:The RBS Rogers Enhanced Precious Metals Exchange Traded Notes ('RBS ETNs')track the RICI Enhanced(SM) Precious Metals Total Return Index (the 'Index')which provides exposure to four precious metals via the futures market, plusthe rate of interest that could be earned on cash collateral invested in3-month Treasury Bills. The Index, designed in cooperation with prominent stockmarket and commodities investor Jim Rogers and RBS plc, is designed to trackprice changes for precious metals commodities.RICI Enhanced(SM) Precious Metals Total Return Index FeaturesStrategy: The RBS ETNs are designed to provide commodity exposure on the basisof expected economic global demand. By tracking futures contracts with varyingmaturities, the Index seeks to maximize returns when there are significantprice differences between near-dated and future-dated commodity contracts.

Rbs Silver Account Hmv S

Thisis unlike many commodity-linked investments in the market today which investsolely in front month contracts. A special rollover calendar defines specificselection criteria for each commodity contract, including term structure.Commodity weightings: The individual commodity weightings are determined on thebasis of the expected economic global demand for each commodity.Rebalancing: The commodity weightings are reset to their target weights on asemi-annual basis.Rules-based: The Index applies a rollover calendar to select contracts for eachcommodity.Index Committee: Jim Rogers and the Index Committee annually review and adjust,as necessary, the composition of the Index. The objective of the Index is totrack the price of commodities worldwide.Determining the rollover calendar for individual commoditiesAll available futures contractsContracts are selected according to the individual rollover calendar for eachcommodity. Illustration of a Hypothetical $10,000 Investment in Each of the Below-ListedIndices - 10/31/08 - 3/31/15GRAPHIC OMMITTEDReturns are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent actual RBS ETNperformance. Index performance returns do not reflect any annual investor feeor transaction cost. World cup south africa live.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. Youcan not invest directly in any index. Selected RisK COnsideratiOns: Investing in the RBS ETNs involves a number ofrisks. Some of the risks relating to the RBS ETNs are summarized here, but weurge you to read the more detailed explanation of risks described under 'RiskFactors' in the applicable pricing supplement.You may lose all or a significant portion of your investment: The RBS ETNs arenot principal protected. If the level of the Index decreases, or does notincrease by an amount sufficient to offset the investor fee, you will receiveless, and possibly significantly less, at maturity or upon early repurchase orredemption than your original investment in the RBS ETNs.The RBS ETNs involve risks not associated with an investment in conventionaldebt securities. Credit risk of RBS plc and RBS Group: The RBS ETNs areunsecured and unsubordinated obligations of RBS plc, as issuer, and areguaranteed by RBS Group.

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