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The hard rock band Pop Evil were formed from the ashes of various other bands in their home town of Michigan in 2001. Their first foray into recording was in 2004 with an independently released album and a three-song EP titled 'War of the Roses'. It was to be a further four years before the band released their debut studio album 'Lipstick On the Mirror', a collection of 15 self-penned songs which spawned four singles, three of which made it into the Mainstream US Rock Charts. Pop Evil's singles were perfect for US rock radio and the band enjoyed significant airplay across the States particularly with the tracks 'Hero' and '100 in a 55' which eventually peaked at number eight in the US mainstream rock listings. The follow up album was 'War of Angels' which generated another four hit singles, three of which made the top ten in the US Rock Charts with 'Last Man Standing' achieving the most commercial success when it reached number seven in the charts. In 2013 the band had their first national number one when the single 'Trenches' from the album 'Onyx' topped the US charts.

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The band have continued to build on their success and are now an established mainstream rock act in the USA and Europe.Artist biography compiled by BDS/West 10. All rights reserved.

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Blues SaracenoBorn( 1971-10-17) October 17, 1971 (ageĀ 48)Genres,Occupation(s)Musician, composer, producerInstrumentsGuitar, bass guitar, keyboards, piano, vocalsYears active1989ā€“presentAssociated actsWebsiteBlues Saraceno (born October 17, 1971) is an American rock guitarist, composer and music producer, currently residing in. He was discovered by magazine at the age of 16, which assisted him in releasing recordings on an independent basis. Saraceno's high profile as a gifted guitar virtuoso and musician opened the doors to an early career as a first-call guitar sideman and session musician. Saraceno is most often recognized from his time playing with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker (Cream) as well as his brief tenure with the rock band. Saraceno's early success in the music industry would eventually blossom into a career in producing and composing for television and film. Contents.Early life and career Blues Saraceno was born to musician parents, which exposed him from an early age to several. He started to play guitar at the age of nine.

When he was thirteen, he broke his elbow when he fell from a and asked the doctor to position the in a way that allowed him to remove it from his sling to practice guitar during his recovery. When he was nineteen, Saraceno moved to Los Angeles to seek a career in music.Career When Saraceno was still a teenager, his then manager sent a to singer, who decided to enlist him to play on a song for 's album,. The album also featured musicians like, and others. After this, his demo tape reached the Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazine. The magazine, which was about to launch a new record label, offered Saraceno a. Saraceno released his first album titled in 1989.After this, Saraceno won an audition with and, former members of, and started touring with them. After two successful US tours, Saraceno was quickly becoming referred to as the 'kid that replaced Eric Clapton'.

After another year of overseas touring, Baker departed and was replaced by Simon Phillips (Who, Toto) and eventually Gary Husband (Level 42). Saraceno continued to release two other solo albums ( and ) as well as furthering his reputation as a top call and landing many high-profile equipment endorsements.In 1994, Saraceno joined the band as lead guitarist and songwriter after was fired. After a South American tour which included the famous Hollywood rock festival in Brazil, Saraceno recorded the album with the band. However, decided to shelve the album, releasing the 1996 compilation album, instead. Still, the album featured two of the new songs recorded with Saraceno. After some time, Saraceno left the group amicably and was replaced by the band's original guitarist,.

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In 2000, Capitol finally decided to release the Crack a Smile album under the name. The album features fifteen tracks recorded by Saraceno.After his departure from Poison, Saraceno met Vice-President of Advertising of, who was a fan of Saraceno's earlier instrumental work. This resulted in Saraceno working on soundtracks and songs for several television shows and films.In 2000, Saraceno also founded the band Transmission OK. Saraceno also worked as record producer for the band, which was signed to, and was distributed.

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