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Polsat Card Activation

Polsat Card Activation Card

Did you know that you have to activate your new smart card?In a move towards smarter automation, the procedure for smart card distribution and use has recently undergone some changes.Since November 2012, all new smart cards issued to new or existing users are now dispatched by courier. For security reasons, the PIN is sent separately by post a few days later. However, these new cards still need to be activated for use at the EPO. And if you want to file with a national patent office, your smart card will also need to be activated on that office's website.ProcessSo once you have received your new smart card and PIN, and have the latest software installed, please activate your smart card:. For the EPO: by going to - Activate EPO smart card.

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Polsat News


For a national office (where applicable): by going to the website of that office and following the relevant instructions.You should now have smart card access and be able to use our online services including online filing. For the latest smart card software and any further issues,.

You have the option to receive your card account billing statement (“statement”) electronically and certain notices, including legal notices, for your card account (“notices”) electronically. If you select this option, your statement as well as any notices that we make available electronically now or in the future will be available to you for viewing and printing on the CitiManager web site and will not be mailed to you. Additionally, you can login to CitiManager and enroll in e-mail alerts, so that we can notify you via your email address when your statement or a notice is available. If you wish to select this option, please check the box below.

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