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Contents.UPDATE: There is now a 200 Baht entrance fee to enter Paradise beach.Paradise Beach Phuket is just 4 kilometres from and consists of two small sandy bays with blue water, soft sand and coconut trees. You will find plenty of beach chairs, bars, restaurants, shops and massive parties on some nights. Yes, Paradise Beach is small, remote and not easy to find if you don’t know, but it is becoming increasingly popular, mainly since it hosts the now famous.Paradise beach used to be difficult to find, until a concrete road made it easier to reach. It suddenly became trendy as it is very close to Patong and it was a bit like discovering a. This Robinson Crusoe atmosphere is long gone, but Paradise still has a lot to offer.

If the main beach gets too crowded for you, walk 100 meters to the left above a small hill, and a flight of stairs will take you to a surprisingly quiet sandy cove.The Main BeachIf you ever explored this beach in the past, you will probably have a shock as the main beach has tremendously changed in recent years. It was always a bit crowded with a lot of beach chairs and a couple of restaurants, but it now looks more like a cross-breed between a village and a shopping mall. All around the beach are restaurants, shops, bars, stages, dance floors and more colourful shops. It’s not to everyone’s taste, and the entrance is not free, but it still attracts crowds.How to get to Paradise BeachOn your own: From, drive south to the bridge leading to the well-known ‘‘, and turn left right after the bridge. Then follow for few kilometres until you reach the ‘Marriott Merlin Beach Resort’ on your left and the nice on your right. A sign pointing to ‘Paradise Beach’ a the bottom of the hill will show you to continue further for another 2 or 3 kilometres. The road is quite narrow, but nicely paved which makes it fairly easy (too easy).

You will reach a large parking which can accommodate about twenty cars and a lot of bikes. From there a shuttle will take you to the beach (again it’s now all free).By Shuttle: Look for the yellow truck at, it’s free and every 30 minutes. (see map).

9:00 am to 9:00 pm, every 30 minutes. 9:00 am to 4:00 am, every 30 minutes forMap to Paradise BeachPhuket Full Moon PartyThere are at least two types of parties on Paradise beach:. Obviously, the Full Moon Party is the most popular. There is an entrance fee to join, but at least there are plenty of free shuttles between Patong and Paradise Beach on those nights.More Photos.

Paradise Beach Full

Watch the trailer of French action film Paradise Beach and you might be surprised when Jason Statham doesn’t emerge from the crystalline Thai sea, ready to take out the allies who betrayed him. Paradise Beach is the latest addition to Netflix’s low-to-medium-budget international content pile, which keeps growing like a zillion-acre patch of weeds. Don’t take its title literally — this French Tourists residing or visiting Paradise Beach on Tuesday, the 19th of November 2019, complained to this reporter about the bad odour they inhaled at the Beach in Sanyang. The tourists alleged that the The government has declared the famous and pristine Paradise Beach near Chunnambar boathouse a ‘no plastic’ zone. District Collector T. Arun in an order on Monday directed Managing Director of The driver had to be carried out of the bus by a group of people, he was barely conscious.’ Paradise Beach has long been a popular tourist destination for holidaymakers in Thailand with its famed The open-sided vehicle was taking tourists to the infamous Paradise Beach in Phuket when it left the road at 1.15pm local time today.


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Paradise Beach Full Moon Party Schedule

🏖️ SPECIAL COVERAGE: Protecting Paradise 🏖️ Beach Keepers Inc. Was formed in 2017 when Paul and Andrea Paradise Beach Hotel Villa Beach St. Vincent Island Paradise Beach HotelLocated in the middle of Villa Beach this hotel, recently refurbished in an elegant colonial style, is perfectly situated for MICHELLE THE STORM WASHED UP SOMETHING SURPRISING IN BREVARD. AN OFFICER WAS ON PATROL NEAR PARADISE BEACH PARK YESTERDAY WHEN H WAS APPROACHED BY A CONCERNED RESIDENT WHO DIRECTED HIM TO ACE THIS —.

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