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I have a Samsung vrt top load washer and it always worked fine until one day I turned it on and when I did, it immediately powered off. It displayed a code of c6 I believe. It happened quickly.

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Then turned off and won’t turn back on. I’ve tried all troubleshooting tips I found online. I did take check the noise filter and had it tested.

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Noticed that power is going in but not out to the main board. So could it be the noise filter? Please help, any info is appreciated.ttop June 12, 2017 at 3:16 am. I have a new Samsung WW85K5410ww Add Door washing machine.

Worked fine for the first 3 months. Yesterday I tried putting a load through and it won’t go further then the first 3 minutes.

Starts to fill with water then just stops after 3 minutes. No error code showed up however after I turn it off then on again and do Smart Check, it comes up that the Add door is open. The Add Door is definitely closed, I have checked for anything that may be jamming it or the actual door but it looks fine.I have tried unplugging the machine, different cycles, checked the hoses etc. Called Samsung and they couldn’t help me. Any ideas?NAWA March 15, 2017 at 4:23 pm. I have a front loading 9kg ecobubble wf90f5e5u4w Washing Machine. I have a Samsung washing machine WF1600NCW.I encountered “Uc” error code on display and learned that it is due to voltage surge.I waited until normal voltage arrives and machine started to operate normally as usual.As of late, I am encountering the OE error code that shows following problem/s as:1) At Power On mode, while commanding programme in 63 minutes wash loaded normally with standard detergent and laundry, water comes into tub more than normally encountered before.

Panasonic Vfd User Manual

OE error then displays in washing machine monitor leading to draining out of excess water automatically.2) There is no water flow, while water supply tap is on, to the tub in Power Off mode.I have also gone through for my case the following:1) Water valve might be blinking2a) Possibly, rubber hose from bottom of tub to the side of water level sensor might be chocked and be freed by pushing air only by aforementioned mechanics.2b) Possibly, water level sensor is blinking.Garry August 8, 2016 at 11:35 am. Thanks for the reply Ian,Z.I had already checked the inlet valves for continuity and all tested good. Since my last post, I also order a new Control board thinking that may have been the problem since there was never an error code thrown. However, I swapped the board and the exact same issue. I can hear the pump running however something is not telling the water inlet valve to open. It will continue to run like this and you can not pause or stop it from the power or pause buttons, the machine has to be unplugged to stop it.

Im wondering now if its the control panel.thanksGarry.Garry August 5, 2016 at 12:17 pm. I have a Samsung HE front loader WF42H5400 AF/A2 that’s a couple years old.For some reason, its not getting water however its not throwing any codes it will startup and you can hear clicking but no water I checked the water supply and screens, all good, I ohm out the water inlet valves. All good, I checked the coin filter, all clean.and you can’t turn it off, it just keeps running like it’s waiting to fill with water. It has to be unplugged to turn it off.

I left unplugged over night and it still does the same thing. Powers up, starts the cycle however no water.I did pull the cover off the control board and there is a red flashing light on the board however I don’t know if that’s a problem with the board or if the board is indicating a problem somewhere else in the system.DIY Project Help Tips August 5, 2016 at 9:48 pm. Bradley,Samsung 4E error means a water inlet problem or the machine cannot get water. Make sure the source water tap is turned on and check the water pressure.Turn the machine OFF.Turn the water tap OFF.Remove the water hose from the tap and dispense the water into a sink.Remove the entire hose.

Check for Kinks. Check for Clogs.Check if water supply is good.Check, remove, and then clean the first mesh filter.Check and clean the second mesh filter.Test the unit by turning it on and by performing a normal wash cycle.-RRMichele March 19, 2016 at 11:20 pm. I have a Samsung top loader –Model number WA50F9A8DSP/A2.The water comes on to fill the tub when the start button is pressed and stays on through out the cycle.

So even when the machine is spin drying the water is still running. Water goes off at the end of wash cycle and the drum is filled with water. The correct sequence for the past few years should be press the start button then select wash mode then hit start and the door locks and the machine starts the cycle and water shuts off once filled.nolan February 12, 2016 at 12:31 am. BRAND NEW WASHER,The Samsung washer ‘5E’ Error code is displayed when the water is not draining properly from the Washing Machine. If the water does not drain withing 15 minutes, a buzzer will sound and the remaining time indicator will show the 5E Error Code.TO FIX:-Clean the debris filter.-Make sure the drain hose is not clogged.To unclog the hose Remove the drain hose from washing machine.

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Clean out the inside of the hose. Continue cleaning until the hose is no longer clogged.-Make sure the drain hose is not frozen.-Make sure the drain hose is installed correctly.-Be sure the drain pump is not clogged or blocked.-RRAkbar January 3, 2016 at 9:37 pm. Dana,Samsung washer 4E error code means a water inlet problem or the washing machine is not getting water. Make sure the source water is turned fully on and check the water pressure.Is your washer getting water? Is it turned on both HOT and COLD? If so is the water inlet where the water goes into your washer clogged? Turn off water and remove hoses to be sure there is no clog.If the washer IS getting water and the hoses are not crimped and the water inlet is not clogged, let us know and we can assist to troubleshoot further.-RRDoug January 9, 2016 at 4:54 am.

I have a Samsung WA45H7000AW/A2 Washer Top Load, giving a 4E error, and I have done the following:Checked to make sure the hot and cold are getting good pressure.Made sure the hoses have no leaks, kinks or clogs.The HOT and COLD are turned on and fully on.Replaced the water inlet valve.I tried different washes from Quick wash, normal wash, to rinse and spin. All fail.I have also completed a successful calibration on it.The washer starts, locks the door, begins the pre-wash (spray and spin drum), starts to fill both hot and cold. Gets about 10 minutes into the cycle with about 2 1/2 inches of water in the tub and then it throws a 4E error.

Immediately it dumps the water and it takes about 10 minutes before you can power the washer off from the 4E error.What else can I do?DIY Project Help Tips April 21, 2016 at 10:05 pm. Kirk,If your Samsung washer gets the, have you made sure the Water Hose Mesh Filters are clean? The error code 4E does mean the washer is having issues getting WATER supplied to it. This error will be released using Start/Pause button and the washing machine will restart and attempt to fill with water again.If you replaced the water inlet valve and you still get the 4E error code, there is still some type of water supply issue. It may sound simple but check the Mesh Filters as this is one of the main reasons a Samsung washer will get the 4E error.You may want to check the wiring coming from the Pcb and pressure switch and check the connections.

Try opening the washer and clean the pressure bowl and pipes that run to the pressure switch.-RRtony November 30, 2015 at 2:56 pm. Tony,If your Samsung front loader is not washing or spinning, at what point do you experience an issue? Does the washer fill with water? What exactly happens when you press the wash button and try to wash?Many times the door lock on a front loading washing machine will go bad or have a wiring issue and cause the washer to NOT WASH.

Have you checked the door lock to be sure it is working properly? Here is a picture of the. Can you explain in more detail what is happening with your washer so we may assist?-RRNATASHA November 30, 2015 at 1:38 pm.

Unless there is a malfunction in the display light, it is “HC-76”. It originally appeared during the “Rinse” cycle. It would not drain completely but continued to the “Spin” cycle and would slowly turn clockwise and counter clockwise. At this point the is when I could hear the noise which sounded as if something was slipping. I did not smell any type of burning. It seems to go thru its cycle, however, the time display is at a slower than normal rate.DIY Project Help Tips October 22, 2015 at 6:52 pm.

I have a Samsung washer (Model #WF330ANB/XAA01) which I have had for 5 years. I have been experiencing problems draining and spinning. It displays “HC76” which is not mention in the manual. I have run several of the modes and cleaned out any clogs as instructed.

When I attempted to run a cycle, the drum will not rotate. It makes a sound as though something is slipping. I removed the back of the unit but without removing any further I do not see anything. Can you assist me?DIY Project Help Tips October 21, 2015 at 6:17 pm.

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