Micronta 4003 Metal Detector Manual

Hi all!I want to buy a second hand Micronta 4003 metal detector.I've got a Ace250 but I want one more for the beach.Does anybody used it?How many inches it gives on a coin or like a big peace of metal?Does it gives any falce signals?Does the factory still produce them, or they are all about 10-15 years old?Is it beter than Micronta 4001 or MD-3005, or it is the same as MD-3006?What its actual price?But I very like the design and that its simple to use (it seems to me ).Or is that just like a toy?It would be very intresting to hear the comments!Thanks! Leelad03 wrote:Hey i used to have one, I thought they were good like not as bad as people were saying. I never tried a beech with it tho.

  1. Micronta 4003 Metal Detector Manual Pdf

But i still found a few coins with them, I found a coin about 7' deep in the woods. But i had to rank up to a newer model after a while.Thanks for the detail answer!7 inches it is very good!Thats what I need!( Wrote to the private mesage)-Does any body knows where I can buy it in the UK?Because curently on ebay there is no any.Thanks for all! Stargazer wrote:I used to be a Manager for Tandy before they went bust and Micronta was one of their 'brand names'. Radio Shack being another.Someone wants £60 for one of these now on Ebay.Personally, I wouldn't pay more than £5 as they are just a step up from a toy.-Yes, I asked him, he sad the the best ofer is 35 + postage.I sad that I can give 10 or 15 +postage.He sad, allright for 10 and 55pounds postage.-Tebby,If your name is Karl, so yours. Yea it is strench.

Hello, I am new to metal detecting. My grandpa died 17 years ago and this metal detector has been sitting in my grandmas garage for 17 years.

I know this is like 20 years old it came from radio shack and I was able to find the manual for it online. A couple days ago, I put batteries in it and took it out and tried it out. It seemed to work good and found some stuff with it.

Is this a good one to use for a beginner? I have been looking at the Fisher F2 since, but dont have the money for that one right yet. I know the Fisher F2 has 20 years of new technology that this one does not have. ThanksThe Metal Detector is a (MICRONTA 4003).Well I just tried to upload the pics and it said there was no security token so it could not upload the pics. Sorry I will try to upload the pics later. Take several types of coins, gold ring, silver ring, etc, lay them on the ground.scan over them and note where the needle jumps to on each target.Then, if the machine has any type of discrimination knob, take a piece of iron, lay it on the ground, swing over the iron, as you do that, turn the discrimination knob up until you no longer hear that iron signal.

Micronta 4003 Metal Detector Manual

Micronta 4003 Metal Detector Manual Pdf

Now you'll be able to detect other metal while ignoring iron targets.You can also make a test garden, by burying coins and other metal items at varying depths, then swing over them and note the sounds and where they register on needle.I learned on a machine similar, and they DO find metal. Obviously they are not top of the line machines, but with some practice you will be able to learn your machines language and what it is telling you.Save all the coins you find until you have enough and get an F2.You could learn what a quarter rings up as on your machine and only hunt quarters until you have enough for your new machine.

It's the long way around, but hey, it'll be worth it in the end!Good luck, if you do decide to upgrade, the F2 will be an awesome machine for you! That detector will do fine for you until you get a little better!


But you are right, the Fisher F2 is a really nice unit. Many members here swear by them and would even pit them against the big boys!Myself, like many others, went with the Fisher F2. There’s a terribly big long thread about it here started by respected member DIGGER27, and it alone convinced me it was a great machine.After I got mine and used it a while, I wrote my own glowing review for Yahoo. Although the Fisher F2 is considered a beginner detector, it can.definitely. find the good stuff. DIGGER27 has a whole slew of gold rings nabbed by his F2, and I found a 1944 Walking Liberty half dollar at a ball park.If you have more money than about $200 to spend on a metal detector, I’d check into the Fisher F5 or the AT Pro by Garrett-both are doing well out there.

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If a screen/numbers/bells and whistles aren’t important to you, check out the Tesoro line. The Vaquero is very popular, lightweight, and DEEP. Too deep, some say.A great review site for the Tesoro Vaquero here:Welcome to the forum! I had the same one, I bought it back in 94' when I was 13 from Radio Shack for about $100 dollars. While it lacks target ID and many other features which I've come to enjoy, it found me plenty of coins and items. If anything the Micronta made me more interested in detecting, after that I bought a Whites Classic ID in 95', and have owned many more detectors since then. To answer your question, yes it will find you stuff until you can afford the F2, hit some parks and playgrounds with it to get use to swinging, listening for targets, and digging plugs.

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