Michelin Tire Sidewall Cracking Warranty

Michelin tire sidewall cracking warranty reviews
  1. Michelin Tire Sidewall Cracking Warranty Cost

All tires develop tread and sidewall cracks over time. Just like us, it's a normal sign of aging.You'll probably wear out the tire's tread before cracking ever becomes an issue for you because just like, tire cracking is more common on vehicles that don’t get driven that much like trailers, motorhomes, classic cars, collector and performance cars, grandma’s car, and the church van.Most tire manufacturers recommend replacing tires every 6 years whether they’re worn out or not. That's because, just like me lol ☺️, your tires may look good and be holding air just fine now, but put them under load on a 105-degree day and like me, you’re inviting trouble!Tire cracking, also known as “dry-rot”, happens when the tire's rubber starts to break down due to ozone, UV, road-salt, chemicals, and grimeYou can slow down sidewall cracking by using an off-the-shelf cleaner once a week. I use Eagle One, then apply to keep my tire looking and feeling good!Stay away from silicone petroleum-based tire cleaners and protectants because they actually accelerate the tire cracking process and void your tire's warranty. You can see my favorite tire-care products.Most tire cracking we see at Kenwood Tire & Auto Service is normal wear and tear, but sometimes tire cracking can be a manufacturing defect. That's why we use Michelin’s unique 'Ozone or Weather Cracking Visual Tool' to determine if your tire cracking is cosmetic (non-warrantable), or severe (warrantable).If you're concerned with the cracking on your tires, for an opinion.Kenwood Tire & Auto Service is a family-owned and operated, a unique tire store you can rely on to get you back on the road with a minimum of fuss.Find honest advice, plus the people and support you need to make your new tires a good investment. Let us help you with your tires today!.

Michelin Tire Sidewall Cracking Warranty Cost

Michelin Tire Sidewall Cracking WarrantyMichelin

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