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Magicka is rather unique in its handling of multiple players.Up to 4 players can either connect via a network, or.There are currently two multiplayer modes in Magicka: Adventure mode is available for players who wish to cooperatively run through Magicka's storyline, while Challenge mode is for survivalists who want to test their skills against a large horde of monsters.To create a multiplayer game one player has to host it. Others can join either via the server browser, by typing in the IP Address directly or via Steam.

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Searching for a game via a host name is currently not supported.The host can choose to make the server private by filling in a password. Contents.Game Modes See for more information. Adventure The adventure mode is identical to the singleplayer campaign and can be played by up to 4 players. With the dead wizards can be quickly revived, though with minimal health.

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Magicka Full Game Non Steam Download

If the entire party gets killed everybody revives at the last checkpoint with the they had then. If a player is killed by lava, drowns in deep water or falls off a cliff and is subsequently revived before the whole team dies, they lose whatever Items they were holding. The game host provides the savegame for everybody. All other members do not advance in their singleplayer campaigns but do get credit for any that they unlock.

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