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In 2017, Microsoft stop the development of Skype version 7 at build number and renamed it to Skype Classic. Today, Skype classic 7.40 is an old version of the messaging app, but many people consider it as the best release to date. The new Skype 8 has a fresh and flat design that comes in-line with the Windows 10 UI concepts. However, some unique features that people are enjoying in Skype Classic are not present in the latest Skype.


If you are a person who still prefers the old version of the software, download Skype classic 7.40 or 7.41, below.Reasons to download Skype Classic. The Skype version 7.41 indeed follows a classic design that we have seen all these years. Skype Classic loads quick and offers plenty of addons that even works in older Windows editions like Windows XP. Skype 8 has a different implementation for the notification system that shows status changes and messages. I choose Skype Classic for this feature. The new design is a little confusing for persons using Skype from it’s golden days.

It is hard to find some settings, and a few customization options are missing. Microsoft does not provide an MSI version of Skype 8 installer.Download Skype 8 and upgrade today! Did Microsoft update your Skype to the new version automatically? Want to downgrade to the previous version? See the options below.

Download line versi lama pc

Download Skype Classic & old versionsThe official download link for Skype Classic, the last build number of the old version is,. Unfortunately, the link now re-directs to the Skype 8 download page. Microsoft won’t allow you to sign in even if you download Skype and for Windows from third-party sources. The macOS version of Skype Classic has also got withdrawn from the website.

Thankfully we still got alternative methods to run Skype Classic on Windows and macOS.If you want to re-enable Skype Classic 7.59 functions on macOS, check our page on downloading Bypass Update Skype Today screen (Windows)We got emails from our readers that Microsoft is blocking Skype Classic logins from the first week of 2019. We have tested it personally and confirmed that new Skype Classic downloads from the official link (given above) do not allow a login. Instead, you get message “ Update Skype today.” You either have to upgrade Skype to version 8 or quit.It looks like they are finally enforcing Skype 8 on Windows.

All should now upgrade to the new version for accessing the service except the macOS users and those who have a unique skype ID. Download Skype Classic said before, the above download works only for a few Skype users. Those who have a Skype ID without live: badging could access the Skype Classic with this method, at least for now.

Also, two-factor authentication should be turned off. Download and install the Skype Classic from the above link. Quit the Skype and all its instances. Now, go to the Skype folder in program files. Right-click on the Skype icon Send to Desktop Create a shortcut.

Right-click on that shortcut icon on the desktop and take its Properties. In the target field, add “C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhoneSkype.exe” /username= winytips /password= Swinytips123 as the value. Change the username and password data with your information. Launch the Skype classic and check whether you could login.The above method is not working for us as we don’t have a Skype ID without live: badging. But we have added this to the article as per the suggestion of our readers. Please let us know if you are able to use Skype Classic in this way, in the comments section.Remember, the message “Update Skype Today” will appear again if you log-out of the Skype in Classic 7.41 version.Update on May 2019: Sorry to inform all readers that none of the tricks are working now to re-enable Skype Classic. Please check, for more about upgrading to new Skype and it’s alternatives.Downloading Skype Classic for Linux.Ubuntu and other Linux users may choose Snapd to install and upgrade Skype Classic and Skype 8.0 easily.

We are preparing a guide on installing Skype on Linux platforms. In the meantime you may visit for instructions. Skype Classic 7.40 and 7.41 MSI installersAs of now, Microsoft did not announce any plans to issue an MSI installer for Skype version 8 and above. So if you are a system administrator planning to deploy Skype to computers in a network using MSI file, you would need to rely on Skype Classic at this time. Thankfully Microsoft has updated the MSI installer for Skype Classic to 7.41.Download Skype Classic MSI:, and MSI Click Note: Skype linked above is the only working MSI file.


Run Skype Classic without installation: download portable USB installerWant to take the best version of Skype always with you? Get the Skype Classic portable. This edition of Skype can work from a USB. Hence, it is suitable for school and college students when their system admin disables installation of software. We have updated the link to add Skype Classic portable installer, which is the only usable version.Download Skype Classic Portable for USB:.Once you download the zip file above, extract the contents to a folder and transfer it to a USB or pen drive.

Double-click on Skype icon within the folder whenever you need to run the app. No installation is required for opening Skype Classic 7.36 portable.

Update on 2019-04-23Today my Skype 7 on Win7 machine mentioned earlier suddenly hanged and after restart the infamous update screen appeared. Seems like it`s gone for good now 🙁I’ve tried to transfer all the registry values to win10 machine while it was still working on Win7; even tried to de-compile executable to see what`s inside. It seems like the ban of 7 version comes from login API on MS server side; as long as it thinks you are still logged in – it cannot log you out (although they can start limiting interactions with other users as mentioned above). As soon as MS server sees you logged out – the mark is added for version check for next login and ergo – you can`t login anymore unless you do it with 8. Maybe it’s Possible to alter executable to mimic the 8th version authentication; but I feel like the 8 uses TLS1.2 and 7 doesn’t (that`s is one of the reasons MS tries to get rid of it). If last is true the decent alteration work should be done to executable/s to get it working and I doubt someone would waste their time doing that; while business migrates to slack or similar solutions.

I have classic on two laptops and it has stopped working on this one but not the other; although on the other it won’t let me add new contacts (it says “Messaging disables until request accepted” even though it has been)Tried the usual = uninstalling – clearing all bits left behind with Ccleaner – looking for hidden files etc – but new version 7 download still insists on updatingTried the Portable version given here – but even though I download version 7 the folder contains version 8 and when you try to open it it says to update!So not only do the Ps not work correctly here – nor commas! – but the listed Portable version is not what it says on the can.You have been great until now with the classic – but (as somebody who uses Skype every day for work) I feel disappointed. Update on 2019-04-17Skype still working on my Win7 PC; but there’s an interesting thing started to hap Pen there – for some contacts – I guess those; with which the last interaction was quite in the Past – old Skype says I cannot message them since they haven’t approved the message request. Meanwhile on another PC; where the Skype 8 is running – I can message them without any Problem.

I guess MS cannot logout those anomalies like my Win7 machine; so they decided to kill it via limiting interactions 🙁. Anyone found a way to get any of the classic versions working on Win7? Cannot get rid of the force update screen now.My main concern is how do I get hold of my chat history? Update on 2019-04-10As I wrote on April 1st – the workaround with username and Password on Win10 stopped to work.I’ve tried everything without any success. But surprisingly I’ve came along to my Win7 machine and the 7.41 is still working there even without shortcut hack. I haven’t tried to fully logoff but the shutting down the machine and restarting it with the Skype doesn’t ruing it.

Tried to move everything from c:usersusernameappdataSkype from it to Win10; tried to move import related registry entries; tried even to move c:Program Files (x86)Skype – nothing helped to start it on Windows 10. Maybe it’s somehow blocked on Windows 10 with newest win Updates?

It’s amazing how fast and efficient they’ve been at ‘fixing’ all the different ways to use the classic versions and yet were unable (or more likely unwilling) to give us the lacking features back.Personally I’d be all for updating if that didn’t mean losing features and right now going from 7.x to 8.x feels more like a downgrade than anything and this is why so many People refused to update or decided to quit.If I was in charge of updating Skype and had secretly Planned to kill it I’d have taken the exact same decisions as Microsoft did. This is beyond ridiculous and it would be a business suicide if it wasn’t coming from a huge enterprise making billions by the hundreds.PS: I can’t use the lowercase ‘P’ on here either for some reason.

I’m using Firefox on a PC so I’m not sure what’s wrong. He seems to be referring to a method which is working for a very few users. Here, you quit Skype Classic if it is already running and run this command “C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhoneSkype.exe” /username=yourSkypeuserID /password=yourSkypePassowrd from the command prompt in Windows 10. Here, yourSkypeuserID =winytips, something like this. You could find the Skype ID from your Skype profile settings.

And if it lets you log in, you may change the shortcut to Skype to autorun the above command. I’m currently testing it. Unfortunately, as of now, I don’t have success in reactivating Skype Classic with this method. I will update the article if I get it working. Hi folks,I had been using Skype 7.40.103 for more rhan 2 years without any problem except regular update suggestions after signing in fine which I always dismissed and ignored it. As i closely follow the news I already had known that Microsoft was pulling Skype 7 (aka Classic) on November 1, bıt but I managed to sign in just fine until end of the Feb 2019But today, when I tried to sign in, after my main application window has appeared, Skype immediately switched to “UPDATE SKYPE TODAY” dialog without any chance I hate Skype with higher versions and I am pissed off by Microsoft’s politics here.So can I have a chance besides uninstalling it, though uninstalling it is also a nightmare you know – then installing the version mentioned here like 7.41? Will we have any guarantee that we would face such update notification(s) again?I hated Skype, and Microsoft completely killed it.

I wish we has a freedom to use what version we want.Thanks! 19th March 2019Ok, all skype users, thank you for your comments. Skype is working again too. Please write the date in your comments, so we can move forward.

I think it’s very important to let MS know that we really want to continue with SKYPE CLASSIC, version 8 is not acceptable at all Besides everyday it’s getting more important to keep on using classic stuff and not to renew everything. Please think of the environment and global warming! You’d be surprised how many electricity is needed for new software. Do not replace something that’s working fine.

I had Skype version 7.36 (downloaded from here on 23rd Feb) and it has been working fine until last night. Now all I can do is update or quit. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still won’t work. Where do I find this Temporary folder in case there is an installer file lurking? Can anyone confirm that they still have a Classic version working?

Could it be that it has worked for 1 month since installation and now I have to do something to make it work again?PS – as someone already mentioned lower case “P” doesn’t seem to work. Also the comma doesn’t work (it seems to want to do a Print Screen). Change of keyboard layout?

3.16.2019 This morning the classic I downloaded from here wouldn’t let me change my status to show online. Instead it just kept showing the spinning wheel like its searching for internet connection. All contacts appeared offline. I made and received calls although a red box saying “connection is bad” was on the screen for the entire call. I removed that version because clearly I’m been forced to update. I deleted Skype then tried to download it again now.

I click your link but when the download shows uP on my computer it automatically changes to 8.something. Thanks for continuing to update this page. I had been using the version you posted last month and it was working great, but today (2-March-19) it wouldn’t let me connect/login without updating and would just instantly quit. I just tried downloading and installing the version you have and it seems to let me login.

Also, when I go to ToolsOptionsAdvanced Settings there is no automatic updates option at all? Which is fine, because it seems to work for the moment. Anyways, because this page has a little bit of a mixmash of information and dates and directions it is getting a little hard to follow what is going on. One thing that would be super helpful is if you could turn on date-stamping for the comments threads.

I’m reading the comments and I can’t figure out what’s old/new. Finally, for some really strange reason, I can’t type the letter ‘p’ into this comments text field so I had to author this in a text editor and copy/paste it in? I’M SKYPE user since beta version back in 2002. I can tell new SKYPE VERSION sucks really badly ESPECIALLY hard to navigate but once you get used to it’s not too bad. Anyway i can confirm SKYPE classic is no longer works it forces you to UPDATE to new version. There’s nothing you can do just COMPLAIN to microsoft.

YOU CAN USE APPLICATION CALLED WHATSAPP IT’S PERFECT ALTERNATIVE TO SKYPE BUT IT’S FOR ANDROID DEVICES. I can tell you why they did that. SKYPE was made by estonian PEOPLE. MICROSOFT BOUGHT THIS PRODUCT VERY LATE AND THEY REDESIGNED AND MADE IT LOOK LIKE THEY DID EVERYTHING SO CHANGE WHOLE SOURCE CODE. AND IT LOOKS REALLY BAD NOW ANYWAY PEACE GUYS. Hello everyone,I have used the Classic version (using the offline installer) on my Win7 since the last time it was announced that MS to stop the old version.

On Monday 28th of January this year, 2019, I was surprised to find out that I could no longer access Skype, unless I upgraded it to the horrible v.8. I tried every possible way I could think of, but to no avail.

I restored the system to earlier points, I un-installed the Skype, and re-istalling the old version 7 offline. To none works.

I wonder if anyone can help on how to roll back this Skype to Classic version, please. Thanks for the 7.36 version as it worked at my end as of today,!Got a little bit of confusion on what I should delete regarding the last instruction, “Just delete the “Skype Installer” in the temporary folder if you see the update ready to install message”.I have disabled the automatic updates when I logged in but I’m still seeing a prompt, “Ready to Install now” with “Install Now” & “Not Now” options.So I’ve tried deleting the Skype.exe on the temporary folder first but when I attempted to open or log in again, it says that it cannot be executed anymore since the file has been deleted. So I reinstalled.After reinstalling & turning off the updates, I’ve deleted the “Updater” folder under the temporary folder assuming that the prompt won’t appear anymore. But unfortunately, I’m still getting it & not sure if it’s normal.But overall, for now, I’m really glad that I am able to login in a classic interface! Thank you for publishing this and keeping it updated! I remember MS doing similar forced upgrades with Windows Live Messenger (MSN) whilst I was growing up and the newer versions were always terrible and no one wanted to upgrade. Internet explorer chan comic.

Line Versi Lama Pc Game

I used to do everything to avoid updating which reminded me of a fix I used years back which I wondered if you had tried?Basically it was editing the file version/info to show that the.exe was the latest version number which fooled it into thinking it had updated is that possible to try with this? I can’t remember how I did it last time (as I followed a tutorial) but if someone who knows what they are doing could try it maybe it might work? To stop MS ruining our Skype that we want to keep alive!! I had to restart my computer today)Jan.15,2019) and I wasn’t worried because I few days ago I did the same and was able to still sign into Skype (7.40). Anyway just now, I tried to sign in and it won’t let me unless I update.I have tried everything here and it still won’t let me unless I update.

I have deleted skype installer in the Temp folder, disabled Skype update in services.I’ve tried everything I can think of. I even tried reinstalling from the links here, yet nothing works.There has to be a way to get around this.Can anyone help please? I have been using Skype version. But only today I encountered this issue with enforced update! I tried everything what was described but it didn’t work! I hope someone will find a way around this because new version is ugly and have you seen how much Skype folder become?I really don’t understand them!

Line Versi Lama Pc Download

I can understand new updates when there are security issues but there are NONE! Only new design (opted for tablets and phones) and new features WHICH I DON’T USE!I hope someone will find a way around this but it seams Microsoft tracking down all this loopholes and forcefully close them! Today is14th January CET and till 17h aprox I was logged in and using Skype 7.40. I closed it but never login againI’ve tried to install 7.40 and 7.41 and 8.3x and then uninstall to have mixed 7.4x and 8.3x but nothing worked again with 7.4xI’ve read something about someone who did not closed its session and needed to set read only certain files but I’ve never got thatChanging the date did not work too.I think the only thing to do will be use Resource Hacker or similar software to fake the version ID against Microsoft/Skype servers and try it (like old times with Windows Live Messenger).Cheers. Been hit by this today. What is it about Micro$not that they don’t understand we don’t want it! And why do they spoil anything they get their hands on?Tried uninstalling and re-installing (with and without internet access) the above downloads and no joy on my main PC – everything ends with the app (slightly larger dialog than the Update Now one rather than the normal contacts one) trying to connect and as soon as it does it gives the Update Now dialog.

At the mo I have another that seems ok but doesn’t have audio.If anyone manages to solve this they would have a very greatful band of supporters!

Download Line For Pc

Search Engine atau Browser berfungsi untuk menampilkan Data Informasi, yang sesuai dengan keinginan para pengguna nya. Pertama download terlebih dahulu, salah satu Aplikasi UC Browser versi lama yang kami sediakan, pada Tombol Button diatas. Tunggulah selama beberapa menit, hingga downloadan sampai 100% (Letakkan pada Folder yang mudah kalian temukan). Setelah berhasil sampai 100%, maka carilah Folder tempat kalian menyimpan hasil downloadan tadi. Pastikan Smartphone kalian, sudah Mengizinkan Install Aplikasi dari luar PlayStore. Jika belum kalian bisa mengikuti cara berikut: Masuk ke Pengaturan Keamanan Aktifkan Install Unknown Sources (Sumber tidak diketahui) Aktifkan Install Aplikasi dari luar PlayStore. Apabila sudah mengaktifkan “Izinkan Install Unknown Sources (Sumber tidak diketahui)” pada Smartphone kalian, kemudian Install Aplikasi yang telah kalian download tadi (Tunggu sampai Installan selesai).

Setelah Install berhasil, maka kalian sudah bisa mengakses Aplikasi Turbo VPN Pro Mod 2019 tersebut.F.A.Q. Mengapa UC Browser versi lawas, lebih baik daripada versi terbaru?1. Karena pada Aplikasi UC Browser versi lawas tidak memiliki iklan, yang sering sekali menganggu Para Pengguna nya, sedangkan pada versi terbarunya banyak sekali iklan yang sering bermunculan.2.

Size Aplikasi pada UC Browser versi lawas, tidak terlalu besar, daripada versi terbaru nya.Demikian penjelasan tentang Aplikasi UC Browser versi lama kali ini, nanti kan juga Aplikasi Mod lainnya, yang akan kami sediakan pada ulasan berikutnya.Download Aplikasi Mod Lainnya:.

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