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It seems like the bottleneck for Sony will be BIONZ X. They need to develop new BIONZ XI or BIONZ Y etc.Also I would like to see A7000S.


Pricing between 1200 - 1500$. And could this one be without compromises. Especially touch focus don't forget.I hoped to see RX10 using APS-C. Didn't happen. Your last chance Sony to redeem yourself. A7000S would not make people buy less A7S/R or FS7/5!!! Instead people would buy less GH4.And still there is missing native e-mount 200-400mm APS-C lens.Renewing products is not bad, but there are some imortant products stil missing.

Well, firstly that's a a7rii review, and there are already many youtube reviewers who reported overheating issues, so one case of this reviewer reporting no issues doesn't mean it didn't exist or those who reported overheating issues are misinforming the general public. BTW, there is a talk that processing 12 MP non pixel binning videos shot on the a7sii might mitigate the overheating issues, but we must remember this time the mark 2 has five axis stabilisation, and this means the sensors suspended almost literally mid-air might not have a way of inducing heat away from it, so the overheating issue for the a7sii might still be a problem in some situation. Random thoughts:It is my impression that Sony changed their image processing software to produce 'better' low light performance. If that is the case and there were no processor or sensor changes, it might be possible to pass the firmware update to existing Sony a7s owners.For sure I just missed it, but does the five axis stabilization work with all lenses?

(Adapted Canon, Nikon, AF/MF etc, etc. I hope so.)Another impression, that the raw image files are still being compressed, but that Sony is considering no compression option, with some degraded camera performance metric. I assume this would be a firmware update with an updated menu option.I assume if the sensor has not been replaced that there is no serious issue with overheating, as some have reported with the a7rII. A) Yes the 5 axix stabilization works fine with all adapted lenses. For electronic adapters like the Canon Metabones adapter, the stabilization is automatically applied as the adapter supplies the focal length of the lens to the camera but for manual adapters like Leica or PL mount adapters then you will have to input the focal length for the stabilization to work properly.b) Yes the RAW files are compressed and there is no confirmed info that Sony is going to rectify that. If they do rectify that it should be a firmware update though.c) The sensor should theoretically be the same yes but it shoots 4k now which couldn't be done with the older sensor due to overheating.

So whether the new camera will overheat in 4k mode we don't know as of now. That is funny. I think Sony will eventually cough up a loss less raw file option and release the firmware. One thing for sure Sony is not sleeping on the job. Each generation of a the A7 series seems to widen the gap with Canon and Nikon. I think Sony has created a game changer, unfortunately a solution that could very well wipe out their own DSLR system sales. In my limited opinion the Sony DSLR lens adapter was just a means to get their current customer base to make the transition.

Eventually I expect to see a select few of their DSLR lenses redesigned to the FE mount. And someday shut down the DSLR system production line altogether to support the FE/E mount production. The good stuff is strictly reserved for the much profitable Pro market. The mass market is oblivious to those things so Manufacturers can get away with selling gear without it.

Oh but the consumer do understand pixels as in resolution so we have ended up with bloated 4K cameras of poor quality. I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years they will start pitching 8K video for phones. LolAt least now we can indirectly get good quality 1080P 4:2:2 by down-sampling 4K video,however the 10bit depth and decent bit-rates are missing.

Sony does listen to a select group of professional photographers and in the case of the a7s videographers. For example, they sent two engineers to listen to them when they released the a7rII according to Luminous landscapes. Hopefully they will do likewise with the a7sII release event.

All camera manufacturers send out Beta versions to several key pro users for feedback. I would like to think if it were possible and pros stated as such, that they would include the change you mentioned in the next a7s firmware release. Speaking only for myself, the camera is secondary, it is the image that counts in the end. If a camera serves you well in creating the image you had in mind then so much the better. Also take into account the media in which the image will be observed. For example, posting on Facebook, web pages, small or large prints etc. Etc.Now ask yourself how many mega pixels do you need to meet the presentation media requirements?Who is your intended audience of the images you create?What are they looking for?Start with the end product and work you way back to the camera.

This way you will establish the requirements that the camera must meet in order to satisfy the observer of your images.If you do not determine the requirements you will spend thousands of dollars and countless hours chasing after the wind. I know this from first hand experience.Remember you create the image the camera merely records it. The A7rII is simply a revolutionary camera. Its merges class leading photography and class leading video and allows for quick AF for lenses like Nikon and Canon which is practically like having Nikon and Canon making 3rd party lenses for Sony!Plus its still cheaper than something like a Canon 5ds while offering pretty close resolution at a better IQ and far far better video.So price wise its still a bloody competitive camera.The A7s II improves on an already superb A7s. People who need 4k on a 35mm sensor have no where else to go. So Sony has priced it accordingly.At the lower end Sony still has the A7 II which isn't a bad camera at all and they still have kept the original A7 in production at a rock bottom price to cater to all sorts of requirements at different budgets. Falconis,who cares what portion is taxes what portion is real?

My total out of pocket money is 23% in EU. Basically, there is no way of getting out of paying 19% VAT (which is in it of itself OUTRAGEOUS) while here only a putz would pay sales taxes on a purchase like that (generally 5-7%btw). I like it that manufacturers add insult to injury but jacking up the price a a few extra% too. If you can afford 19% vat why not an extra 5% just because?

LOL Oh, and lets not forget the 30min limits to video thanks to our EU subservant citizens that impact the rest of the world. 'It doesn't show what the camera can do.' Yes, It is a teaser and an ad, not a tutorial. But he used Sonys to do it. I thought that would be of some interest. You know, real photography from a real photographer.

He's going to release a video about it in a few days. Go to his youtube page. He has already done several videos about the R2 and 10 II. That will give you a flavor of his style. And a little real info from someone who knows what the hell to do with a camera. And we've already had tons of comparisons. I thought some actual work produced would be refreshing for a change.

I do not understand Sony strategy here. I am not criticising this new A7SII camera and I am sure it is very welcome for a small group of people.But a far larger group of Sony customers have been crying for couple of years now for an update to the A99, also the A6000 or NEX7 and E-mount is still lacking lenses, especially APSC format that we've not seen announced for years.Instead we see the new-ish A7S, that's just over a year old, updated and on top of this at a ridiculous price in Europe. What are they thinking.

No, perhaps I wasn't totally clear, but I am only questioning this update the A7SII. I am the last person to defend the ageing SLR/SLT technology.However, this last A7SII add little new features to the very strong A7 series. Perhaps it was a small investment for Sony to update the A7S with the latest IBIS, etc. But they have most of the market already covered with original A7S and latest A7RII.It would have been much better strategic move to hurry putting the 42Mp sensor with 399 DPAF points in A99 body completely removing the mirror or with an option to lock it up to give an option to people for whom the A7 series form factor is not an option and also to serve the much bigger range of A mount glass.Then the APSC mirrorless market is no small at all. It was the NEX series that started Sony's mirror-less revolution and A6000 which has been a huge seller has not been updated for a while.My guess is they are preparing some big new features for A6100/A700 thats causing the delay. As a A99 owner i dont see any demanding of A99II.

The A99 has everything i need. FULL HD with 60 FPS Progressive, IBIS, LiveView with fast AF.

I dont need stupid gimmicks and chunky addon features, i need a robust cam with nice image quality sensor. Thats what the A99 has.For those damanding more APS-C toy cams. Its still possible to attach a a DT Lens on a LAEA4 on A7. And A7 is really affordable priced nowadays.Sony is into the right step in here. If i am going to buy a new cam in 5 to 10 years or so, a a second hand A7RII would be enough for me, regardless of upcoming 32K ULTRA MEGA HYPER HD standard.

You are forgetting one thing: Sony is an electronics giant not a camera manufacturer. This electronics manufacturer reflects in the way they have absurd camera upgrade cycles also the way they drop camera prices before releasing a new camera in few months time, and very little lens choices to choose from. Also they are seem to be banking on the fact that users will be purchasing 150-200$ adaptors to use lenses from SLR systems.

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Compared to Sony E, Fuji X and micro 4/3 have comprehensive lens selection options for users to choose from. @ Chaitanya: Sony manufacture more cameras than Nikon, if you count still and video then vastly more. All camera manufacturers that use a CMOS chip are electronics companies, all still cameras that carry CMOS chips are video cameras, all video cameras are imaging computers, and they're all pretty much still subject to Moores law, hence the rapid releases. Sony's largest user-base of FE cameras are probably multi-media professionals, many of whom are simply adapting their existing L glass, as Sony intended all along, hence the shorter flange distances. A smart business move! @Chris Gibbs: Has sony ever sold any film camera(stills) or do you remember them selling any optics related products?

Cameras or optics ain't at the core of their business model. Sony is an electronics manufacturer and not a camera maker, sure currently their sensors are the best in business. The rate at which they release new cameras onto market is a sign of a electronics manufacturer and not a camera maker. These electronics manufacturers flood the market with new models every year while dropping prices of old models dramatically. (sadly micro 4/3 manufacturers are also following this trend). I would much rather see camera upgrade cycles slowed down to 3-4 years rather than willy-nilly every couple of months. Having native lenses is much more convenient than adapting glass from other systems, sure it can help save money at first but then they add to the bulk to camera bag rather than reduce it as the marketing departments like to brag in Press release.

@Chaitanya: Canon, who make the very best DSLR's on the market, at their core aren't a camera centric manufacturer either, but most do not realize this fact, and if slow upgrade cycles are what you want, buy a Canon, not a Sony. However, the vast majority of Sony pro-users are former Canon shooters, you do the math here. You aren't speaking for the rest of us reference Sony's FE mount business model, Sony have most of us hybrid shooters chomping at the bit every-time we see a newer, more affordable and better featured camera hit the market.

We aint in the business of collecting and nurturing cameras, we're in the business of making images - there is a difference! No @Chaitanya S you are wrong about the reason for Sony pushing so hard for innovation; nothing to do with being an 'electronics manufacturer' ( they are the biggest media company in the world ) but the continuation of the Minolta/Konica corporate culture that always put R&D before commercialism. If you look at the Minolta history you will see how they pushed the technology forward ( they made the T80 the first autofocus SLR, the first coated lens and, later, the world's first autofocus binoculars - and loads of other things ) but poor profitability lead to the Sony takeover.Sony are taking on the dominant market position of Canikon so innovation and differentiation are their weapons. I would blame Canon for everything.

Here is why: when Canon reintroduced the updated version of 5D II, they overpriced the 5d III by over $1000 for a 22 MP body while the Nikon D800 36MP cost less. Today, the Canon 5D III is still going for around $2499 when it should be about $1500 for its outdated technology.Anyhow, since Canon could get away with it, I think the bar has been raised since.Also, as much as the mirrorless' trend is going strong at this time, I don't see the benefit of it because by the time you get all your lenses, you gain no advantage in terms of size and weight compared to FF DSLR. 'by the time you get all your lenses, you gain no advantage in terms of size and weight compared to FF DSLR.' That depends on what lenses you get. I am not an expert but I understand Sony makes a range of small (f/4) lenses that ARE smaller and lighter than comparable SLR lenses.Secondly I understand that you can fit the even smaller APCS E lenses and the camera will automatically crop - which from 42MP in the A7RII is still not too shabby.And even if you DO get the best lenses and your system ends up as big as a DSLR system, you can flip this argument upside its head - a DSLR has no advantages over the Sony E FF system. Autofocus seems as good as most DSLRs, video is better, the EVF is sublime, etc, and your picture quality is likely to be better due to Sony's sensor and these large lenses. Why get a DSLR then?

“Not the point. It's innovation.”Innovation is only useful if it makes it to market. As a case in point: we have been promised flexible/bendable/foldable LCD screens for decades, and what do we get after all this waiting? Some TVs with a slight curve, and for some reason we should now all faint in breathless admiration.I bought the Sony A7s, because I don't care what vapourware the others announce. I needed a new camera, and the A7s - while far from perfect - fit my needs better than any other camera currently on the market.

So I bought it, even if the price was rather steep.I buy what is available, not what is not. It is that simple. I suspect you don't buy the unavailable stuff either. Neither do I break into R&D labs and steal it. Truth be told, I don't have any future products or vaporware. None of that diminishes the fact that cool-sht is happening all around you.”Perhaps. But if it doesn't make it to market, it is unusable for me, and therefore something I should not use to base any decisions on.

For all I care, Canon may well have a 4 trillion ISO sensor sitting in some lab, but for me, the Sony A7s is as good as it gets, and (as far as I can tell) this new iteration is so incremental that I find it difficult to even be excited enough to have a look at it, if and when it becomes finally available. Xiao feiinnovation is understanding and seeing what's missing or foretelling what people will be looking for and creating it.The canon system is not lacking AF speed, FPS, buffer size or lens selection, it's lacking IQ! What does canon do?

Produce more lenses, improve fps/buffer/AF. Then takes the current 5DIII sensor and makes the pixel real big to make a high iso 2.2mp wonder, smaller like in the 5ds (a FF with apsc performance), now is telling us it planning to make it as small as in a cellphone sensor. What company of jokers would do that?The subject of canon is sensitive because there is lots of canon glass out there. People like you prefer to bury their heads in the sand than having to admit it's time to change. “so much animosity directed towards me because of my assumed electronics purchasing history”I don't know your purchasing history, nor would it have influenced my comment if I had. My point is simply that 'innovation' is a meaningless term for a consumer. That is why we tend to talk about vapourware instead.The last time “innovation” got me excited, was with the Skiff e-book reader.

It would have been the largest e-reader ever produced until that time. Except it was never produced, and even if it had been, it would still have been 2.5 inch smaller than a genuine letter-format page. The bendable properties of its screen were proudly touted everywhere. It died in 2010, before ever being born.We are still waiting for the first bendable Letter/A4-sized e-reader to reach the market, now half a decade later. That’s “innovation” for you.Innovation is nonsense. Actually producing and selling something new that is better than what we had before is what we need. Pleased that Sony made this upgrade to internal 4K in their low noise camera.

I'm a true believer in convergence of video and stills (and in my view) Sony and Panasonic are leading the way here.That price announcement has to be nonsense though!' Sony Europe gives a November 2015 availability at €3,400. The a7S II will be available in the US from October for $2,999.' At today's rates 3400 EUR costs about $3854. This would make a US-EU price differential of $855.Of course, 2999 EUR costs around $3400. So I think it must be an inadvertent switch of currency symbols.

As reversing them gives a US-EU price differential of $0. I like the every year renewal cycle. Now I can buy the first A7S with reasonable price for amateur. Just have to wait when A7Sii is coming on sale. And I guess with A7Siii I can finally afford A7Sii. Well done Sony!Another point getting A7S is, that I will never print (only rarely A4 size). So for me 12Mp for photos is more than enough.

And I don't have to worry about buying extra HDD-s. Amateurs should know, that for any stock or magazine print 12Mp is more than enough. And I don't have to buy fast primes for low light situations. Atom is an excellent toy.Cars are made for shopping, traveling, going to work and such.You can drive to work in a Ferrari 458, if you've spent everything you had and can't afford a Fiat Panda.Most people will find Atom not to be 'enough car' for what cars are generally used.I have nothing against the tech in newest Sony's bodies, but it comes at a price. Does Sony expect me to keep a second system on top of that, to be able to shoot in rain? Seriously?They have everything to make the 'a9'.FE system is old and popular enough to be taken seriously.

Limiting its potential to keep the size down at this point is hard to understand (at best).Adding a large body to the lineup won't harm the 'it's smaller than a DSLR' slogan. 'A camera that costs $3000 and is supposed to be an all-round tool for general photography (aka SLR replacement) can't be called 'excellent' if it's not weather-sealed. Simple as that.' You're comparing apples and oranges. Every car is going to drive in the rain; not every camera will be exposed to rain, hail and sandstorms.Weathersealing is only required for (semi)pros and fanatics; in much the same way that in cars 4WD is only required in special situations. Nobody would claim that a car needs 4WD before it can be called 'excellent'. Bought The a7s mk2 because i felt lost with the bad iso performance on my bmpc4k.

Now i feel lost again because im stuck With 8bit, digital grain, stupid picture profile 9, bad LCD, no Lens Electronics as i Own Canons only, silly apps that Cost extra like The timelapse app With only 30/24 fps no 25. Fullhd 100fps but with 2.2x crop. The 4k option lower The bitrate which is allready too low. Must admit i Would have thought twice buying this cam, if i just have had a little patience.

The World of tech does evolve too slow i just wanna make good i images without too much hassle, like we Will do in 10 years.

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