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In-game screenshot(Atari ST/Amiga), (DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95), (Windows XP, Windows Mobile 2003, Palm OS, iOS, Symbian OS)(Atari ST/Amiga), (DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95), (Windows XP, Windows Mobile 2003, Palm OS), (iOS), (C2V version), (C2V version), (C2V version), (DotEmu version), (DotEmu version), (DotEmu/Chillingo version), (DotEmu version)ReleaseAtari ST/Amiga 500:iOS: 2009-06-15Mode(s)Krypton Egg (subtitled The Ultimate Breakout) is a developed in by Alexandre Kral on and.The game was remade for MS-DOS and Windows in the 1995 and 1996 respectively, iOS and Adobe Flash in 2010. It was also re-released for modern Windows XP versions on. Contents.Gameplay Like other games of the same kind, all bricks of the stage must be broken to clear the level to proceed to the next one. However, there are several bonuses which fall from broken bricks and give special capacities to either the paddle or the ball, including Glue, Multiple Ball, and Bigger Ball. Some of these bonuses, such as Frozen Tray, are harmful and should be avoided.The game also features several different monsters of varying sizes which will attempt to get in the way of the ball. The paddle can easily dispatch a monster by striking it with the paddle, and can additionally down a monster using the ball or a projectile granted from a bonus. Only one type of monster poses a direct threat to the paddle, which has a force field that can destroy the paddle unless it has a shield.Stages The number of stages in Krypton Egg depends on versions being released.

For block-breaking stages, Hitsoft versions includes 60 stages; C2V shareware versions can include 5, 8, or 10 stages; in C2V registered versions, a game can include 50, 60, 100 stages; DotEmu iOS demo version includes 2 stages, and 60 stages in full version ('72' refers to addition of bonus stages).In C2V and DotEmu versions of the game, a horde attack stage appears after completing 5th stage of a 10 block-breaking stages set. It uses the same vertical orientation as block-breaking stages, features no bricks, but player's racket starts with 1 shield, with the goal of destroying all monsters exited from top of playing field without dying.Horizontal stages are only used in monster attack stages.

It is similar to horde attack stages except it appears after completing 10th stage of a 10 block-breaking stages set, there is only one immobile monster, and player's racket can fire horizontally with more damage or diagonally for less damage (diagonal shots only available since C2V releases). In DotEmu versions, player's racket can also travel horizontally. The monster can only be damaged by hitting its head. Both player and monster includes an energy bar each, with first character loses entire bar first losing the match.

Losing player's bar first causes an instant regardless of the number of remaining.Horde attack and monster attack stages can be turned off separately or activated together with password, for game versions supporting password features.Password In C2V version of the game, a password is shown in menu screen after Game Over by losing all lives after completing 10 block-breaking stages (and winning monster attack stage afterwards if it is turned on). The password records amount of lives remaining when entering the 1st stage of the next set of 10 block-breaking stages, but the given password does not contain more lives than the stage-dependent maximum amount of lives programmed into the game.In addition to returning to specific start of a 10-stage set, passwords exist to toggle horde attack and monster attack stages.References.

Smallvilleand its characters are copyright ©2007 Warner Bros.& DC Comics. This is a fan site and not authorizedby the WB, the CW, or DC. The term 'Kryptonite'is a trademark of DC Comics.

Page copyright ©2007KryptonSite, unless the material is noted as comingfrom someplace else or being by an individual author.Smallville over the years has starred Tom Welling,Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, John Glover, AaronAshmore, Annette O'Toole, John Schneider, Sam JonesIII, Eric Johnson, Jensen Ackles, Erica Durance, LauraVandervoort, and Allison Mack.PLEASEDO NOT TAKE GRAPHICS, NEWS, SPOILERS, ETC. FROM KRYPTONSITEWITHOUT FIRST AND PLACING A LINK TO KRYPTONSITE.COM.OR, JUST SEND PEOPLE OVER TO THIS SITE! WhatIt's AboutEpisode#4-1Written By: AlfredGough and Miles MillarDirected By: Greg BeemanAir Date: September 22, 2004Guest Stars: Erica Durance (Lois),Margot Kidder (Bridgette Crosby)Clarkemerges from the cave completely embracinghis Kryptonian background and with theability to fly. Lois Lane comes to townto investigate the death of her cousin,Chloe.

Meanwhile, Lex is on a crusadeof his own, and Lana is changed whilerubbing a floor carving of CountessTheroux.Episode#4-2Written By: KellySouders and Brian PetersonDirected By: James MarshallAir Date: September 29, 2004Guest Stars: Michael Ironside (Gen.Sam Lane), Erica Durance (Lois)Loisand Clark know Chloe must be alive,so they work together to find her. Butwhat do Lex and Lois's father, GeneralSam Lane, have to do with things?Episode#4-3Written By: HollyHaroldDirected By: David CarsonAir Date: October 6, 2004Guest Stars: Eric Johnson (Whitney),Brianna Lynn Brown (Abby), MichaelIronside (Gen. Sam Lane), EricaDurance (Lois)'ScabbyAbby' who grew up with really badskin was picked on by her peers untila Kryptonite-enhanced plastic surgerytreatment changes her forever. Unfortunately,this power also makes people have horriblehallicinations once she kisses them.Meanwhile, Lois enrolls at SmallvilleHigh, and Clark joins the football team.Episode#4-4Written By: LukeSchelhaasDirected By: David CarsonGuest Stars: Moneca Delain (Mara),Erica Durance (Lois)Air Date: October 13, 2004Kryptonite-spikedenergy drinks turn the cheerleader'sboyfriends (and Chloe) into devotedslaves.

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Lex tries to get back Clark'sfriendship, and Clark has Lex take careof a little problem.Episode#4-5Written By: StevenS. DeKnightDirected By: David BarrettAir Date: October 20, 2004Guest Stars: Kyle Gallner (BartAllen/The Flash)Clarkmeets a young man with a power of speedthat exceeds his own, but the boy lacksresponsibility for his actions. Also,Lex finds a manuscript that appearsto be some sort of Kryptonian map.Episode#4-6Written By: ToddSlavkin and Darren SwimmerDirected By: James MarshallAir Date: October 27, 2004Guest Star s:Margot Kidder (Bridgette Crosby)Lionelobtains an artifact that gives the powerof body transference. He intends touse the artifact on Lex, but insteadfinds himself switched with the bodyof Clark.Episode#4-7Written By: MarkWarshawDirected By: Paul ShapiroAir Date: November 3, 2004Guest Stars: Trent Ford (Mxyzptlk)Astrange foreign exchange student isusing his power to manipulate high schoolfootball betting.Episode#4-8Written By: StevenS. DeKnightDirected By: Jeannot SzwarcAir Date: November 10, 2004Guest Stars: Erica Durance (LoisLane)Isobelthe witch takes over the body of Lanain the 21st century, and Lois and Chloealso become possessed.Episode#4-9Written By: LukeSchelhaasDirected By: Terrance O'HaraAir Date: November 17, 2004Guest Stars: Jane Seymour (GenevieveTeague)IsLex's lifestyle out of control?

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Troubleis afoot when Lex is found next to adead one night stand.Episode#4-10Written By: KellySouders & Brian PetersonDirected By: David CarsonAir Date: December 1, 2004Adeadly virus makes bad dreams seem real.Episode#4-11Written By: StevenS. DeKnight & Jeph LoebDirected By: Greg BeemanAir Date: January 26, 2005Guest Stars: Sarah Carter (AliciaBaker)AliciaBaker (from 'Obsession') isback and claims she is cured.

But whenshe puts a red Kryptonite necklace onClark and they go to get married, arethings going a bit too far?Plus,Lana thinks Jason wants their relationshipto become sexual.Episode#4-12Written By: HollyHaroldDirected By: Paul ShapiroAir Date: February 2, 2005Guest Stars: Sarah Carter (AliciaBaker), Erica Durance (Lois Lane),Jane Seymour (Genevieve Teague)Lanaand Jason are both attacked and Aliciais implicated.

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