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2 Years after the release of 'Klingon Academy II: The General War' comes a multiplayer/instant action expansion, 'Klingon Academy II: Empire at War'.KA2: EAW takes the enhanced combat gameplay of KA2: The General War and adds a rich, detailed 'Empire Building' element to it. No longer can you quickly build up your forces. Now you must dedicate time and resources to research and development.

This detailed system of hull, conversion packs, systems, weapons and other miscellaneous research also sheds light on the backstory behind KA2. Learn about the Klingon Empire designs her warships, how the Federation developed the massive Yamato Class, and discover the history of the Interstellar Concordium and the Tholian Assembly.Each side has an expanded set of ship classes, and a mysterious new power has entered the galaxy.

The Federation's worst fears are about to be realised. Download new order low-life rapidshare.

Klingon Academy 1.02 Patch

Klingon Academy fixes and improvementsThis page contains fixes for various issues with the Klingon Academy game on new versions of Windows OS.BackgroundSometimes the game crashes with Access violation error because its memory gets corrupted. This is caused by use of the no-serialize heap. This heap type assumes that it will be never accessed by more than one thread. Problem is that some callbacks from system functions are run in separate threads. This breaks that assumption. The result is a heap corruption.

The fix removes the HEAPNOSERIALIZE flag from call to HeapCreate. For this to work properly, the game must not use its own heap implementation for small blocks. The small block heap is disabled on Windows 2000+ unless you run the executable in compatibility mode for earlier OS.

If you run the game in Windows 95 or 98 compatibility mode, the fix does not work properly!How to apply automaticallyThe fix assumes that 1.02 patch (US, UK or German) is already applied. Download the. Unpack it to game directory where the ka.exe file resides. Run the extracted kapatcher.exe file.If you plan to use the AI training variant kaai.exe, is a patcher for it.How to apply manuallyThe fix assumes that 1.02 patch (US, UK or German) is already applied.

You need to open the ka.exe file in any hexadecimal editor and apply the changes mentioned bellow. The changes are described in following format:offset: oldvalue newvalueWhere the offset is offset from start of the file. At this offset is a single byte which should be changed. The oldvalue is value which should be there if you are at correct position in correct version of the ka.exe file. The newvalue is value to which you should change the old value.0030F1AB: 0F 900030F1AC: 94 900030F1AD: C0 90If you are unsure how to do this change, there is a description how to do it with the free. Remember to back-up you original file so you can revert to it if you do something incorrectly.


Open the file in the PSPad. The program should open in the hexadecimal mode. Press Ctrl+G or select 'Goto Line' from the Search menu. Ensure that the 'From file beginning' choice is selected. Enter $0030F1AB into the 'Bytes' field. Starting from the cursor position you should see following: 0F 94C0 50FF. If that is not true, you are in incorrect version of file or you did something wrong in the previous steps so do NOT continue with the editing and try again from the beginning.

Ensure that the overwrite mode is selected (visible in the status bar at the bottom of the window). Type 909090. The result should now look like: 90 9090 50FF.

Save the fileThe manual change for kaai.exe is:0030F4CB: 0F 900030F4CC: 94 900030F4CD: C0 90The resolution selection window in the standard launcher presents only limited number of resolutions. This patch disables the check so all resolutions enumerated on the system are available.How to apply automatically.

Klingon Academy 1.02 Patch 4

Download the. Unpack it to game directory where the kalaunch.exe file resides. Run the extracted kalaunchpatcher.exe file.How to apply manuallyApply following changes to kalaunch.exe. Similar to the manual use of the multithreading patch.000012CA: 2CB: 1D 90000012D2: 0F E9000012D3: 2D4: 84 00The game has some graphical issues on new OS and GPUs. The most annoying one are white flashes in the background during movement. Another problem is absence of dithering on latest cards which makes the limitations of the 16bit color mode even more noticeable.

I made a wrapper which translates game calls to the DX9 to fix the first issue. It also converts part of the rendering to 24bit colors to reduce the second issue (the textures are still 16 bit so additional dithering would still help), generates mipmaps and forces the textures to use trilinear filtering.32 conversions on the render target for nice speed increase if cloaked ships are present. Can be disabled by D3DEMUNOHWCOLORCONVERSION. Avoids composition if nothing was changed in the surface. Can be disabled by D3DEMUNOCOMPOSITIONCOMPARE. Support for anisotropic filtering.

The level if the filtering is specified by D3DEMUANISOTROPY. Support for MSAA. The quality is specified by D3DEMUMSAAQUALITY. Improved texture 16bit = 32bit conversion.

Klingon Academy 1.02 Patchh

Improved FPS when the 'location description' text is visible at start of the mission. Intercepts additional KA logging function for additional log output. Log output can be flushed to prevent loss if the game crashes. Enable by D3DEMULOGFLUSH. The faster UI FPS mode from 1.08 is now disabled by default for compatibility reasons.

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