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MapInstall 4.2.0 is broken. You will get it by updating to Basecamp 4.7.0 - however also individual update can happen. MapInstall 4.3.2 (part of Basecamp 4.8.4) is fixed - but so far only available to Apple Mac OS x users - not for Windows. Note however - Basecamp 4.8.4 only runs stable in english - translated version are very buggy!Garmin released a new version of Basecamp - 4.7.0 - in order to remove many features that were not in accordance with the GDPR regulation. If you are a Windows user and upgraded to 4.7.0 you have 4 choices:. a) Use the gmapsupp.img Downloads instead (not available for Europe or Asia continent map however, but for all other maps):.

Garmin topo canada 4.00 programs download

b) Only downgrade MapInstall to 4.0.4: In order to Downgrade first uninstall MapInstall via Windows system uninstall, then simply go to C:Program Files (x86)GarminMapInstall folder - then delete all the content of the folder but not of subfolders. Especially leave the 'Maps' subfolder. Then Install MapInstall 4.0.4 - Download from here:. c) Downgrade to Basecamp v 4.6.2: it can be found here:. ATTENTION - you need to first uninstall Garmin Basecamp, Garmin MapInstall, Garmin Express, and any other Garmin Software via Windows 'Add or Remove Software' except Garmin Mapsource (if you have Mapsource installed, do not delete it because you might lose data saved in Mapsource). As the user data of Garmin Basecamp, Garmin Express or Garmin Homeport is saved in a separate database - you will not lose it.Then Install Basecamp 4.6.2.

If you simply install 4.6.2 without uninstalling Garmin Basecamp and Garmin Express, Mapinstall will not be downgraded. Alternatively if you are afraid about losing data - you could first delete the content from C:Program Files (x86)GarminMapInstall folder (but not of subfolders) - then ONLY uninstall Garmin Basecamp via Windows system 'Add or remove programs' - then Install Basecamp 4.6.2. d) Use the plain old Garmin Mapsource for sending maps. Yes it still works if you know what to do - just note that it does not check any maps installed - so do not send maps twice. Also it cannot like MapInstall overcome the 4GB limit by splitting up maps that you are sending.

Else of course it cannot correctly show the contourlines - but sending maps will work. Mapsource 6.16.3 can be downloaded here:. e) download the Mac OS x version of all openmtbmaps/velomaps in.gmap format. You can install them by placing them into the C:ProgramDataGARMINmapsmtbCOUNTRY.gmap respectively C:ProgramDataGARMINmapsveloCOUNTRY.gmap and better read the OS x tutorial too: respectively for Velomap users here:. f) Use the creategmapsuppimgwithmkgmap.bat Script - this will only work for Maps. . gta_sa.exe. ( . ( gta sa nocd.. You can still downgrade to 4.6.3 for the missing functionality.

However MapInstall 4.3.2 or later is fixed (at least with the download directly from Garmin or from here - the Mac Appstore version sometimes does not update MapInstall) - so just make sure not to use Basecamp 4.7. And if you upgrade to Basecamp 4.8.4 or later.You can Either Downgrade/Upgrade MapInstall only, Or Downgrade Mapinstall and BasecampWhile windows users have good alternatives to Garmin MapInstall - on OS x the only real alternative is to use mkgmap.jar to create gmapsupp.img files. That is not so easy to do and requires Java JDK properly configured.

However MapInstall 4.3.2 is fixed - so either downgrade to Basecamp 4.6.3 or upgrade to Basecamp 4.8.4 or later. a) Use the gmapsupp.img Downloads instead (not available for Europe or Asia continent map however, but for all other maps):. b) Upgrade to Basecamp 4.8.4 or later:. Attention - best get it directly from Garmin or from here - and not via Appstore.

I have heard from people that the version from the Appstore only updated Basecamp but the got stuck with MapInstall 4.2.0 instead of 4.3.2. c) Downgrade to Basecamp 4.6.3 - To do so first Uninstall Garmin Basecamp 4.7.0 Then make sure that also Garmin MapInstall installation folder is removed/empty - If not uninstall all other Garmin software too. Then install Basecamp 4.6.3. d) You could try to simply Install Garmin MapInstall 4.1.1. I'm not sure if this works by just executing the installer.


That means you first have to uninstall Mapinstall 4.2.0 - then Install only MapInstall 4.1.1 / MapManager 4.1.1. That way you could keep Basecamp 4.7.0 but I don't know why you would like to do so as Basecamp 4.7.0 is only a regression.Basecamp for OS x can be downloaded here:(here you find all Garmin Tools for Mac OS x for download - if you miss something else)MapInstall and MapManager for Mac can be downloaded here:60 comments to Do NOT Update to Basecamp 4.7.0 – MapInstall 4.2.0 is broken! Hi, I am now trying to install the maps for Japan. This set is smaller than China and does fit on my Garmin 64S. Everything goes as normal, until I get the standard message that “this insatllation could take more than one hour” Are you sure? Then there is a “confirm” to click, doing this I get the meaningless message:There was a problem while installing maps on your device.

Garmin Topo Canada

Ensure that the device is plugged in and turned on, and try again.Unclear what to do, the device is sitting on USB in Garmin “receive” mode, just as it has when doing this successfully many times before. At least this shows that there is nothing particular with the china map. Anybody recognize this problem?

Thanks a lot! Petter (from Norway). Thanks for your reply extremecarver!, I will delete the folder (do you have the path?) then try again. Concerning unicode (your second reply) what exactly do I need to do in order to get my map of China (i will need to reduce it to the EAST part) to load correctly on my Garmin 64S?? I have loaded other maps previously, always succeeded in the end, but this time things crash more consistently. I appreciate any help, since I plan to go to China soon, this is sort of urgent.

Thanks again, Petter. Hi, I am having problems with mapinstall, this is an updated version. From Basecamp the program just says installation complete WITHOUT installing, from Mapinstall itself, I go through a partial select (China is too big), the program fails when the insatllation should have started, just saying try again, make sure your device is plugged in etc.

Garmin Topo Canada Download

Any hints or ideas? This has worked previously, always with various error messages, but in the end worked. Best regards Petter (norwegian living in Hong Kong).

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