Emf Schubert Dip

SchubertEmf Schubert Dip

'Unbelievable' was so insanely infectious that many who were introduced to EMF by that single went out and purchased Schubert Dip in the hope that the rest of the album would be equally strong. But unfortunately, most of the CD fell short of 'Unbelievable's excellence. This isn't to say that Schubert Dip is a bad album - far from it, in fact. But weighed against 'Unbelievable's dizzying infectiousness, distinctly British dance/rock/pop offerings like 'Girl of an Age,' 'Children,' and the follow-up single 'Lies' are fairly catchy, but nonetheless mildly disappointing. The only song that comes close to packing the punch of 'Unbelievable' is the intoxicating 'Long Summer Days.'

Emf Schubert Dip Vinyl

Emf Schubert Dip

Grundig tv software. For the most part, Schubert Dip is a prime example of an album that is simply decent when it should have been excellent. Alex Henderson.

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