Dota 2 Maphack Without Survey

About Game: Dota 2 combines the real-time strategy element of traditional top-down perspective, while also incorporating leveling and itemization functions of a role-playing video game. Players are pitted against each other as two distinct factions called the Radiant and the Dire. The Radiant is a faction based at the southwest corner of the map, while the Dire is a faction based at the northeast corner. Players assume the role of one of ninety-eight “heroes” – strategically powerful units with special abilities, who, through combat experience, may progress to a maximum level of twenty-five. The heroes’ methods of combat are heavily influenced by their primary property, which can be physical strength, agility, or intelligence. The basic setup of Dota 2 places two strongholds containing critical structures called “Ancients” at opposing ends of a geographically balanced map.

These bases are connected by three main paths (referred to as “lanes”), which are guarded by defensive towers and groups of weaker units commonly referred to as “creeps” periodically spawned, which traverse their lanes, attacking enemy units and structures upon sight. Players are split into two teams, each consisting of up to five players, to compete as the primary defenders for each Ancient.Are you looking for Dota 2 cheats, of course you are that is why you are here, lets wait no further and give you what you want.Finally with the help of the Cheats Happens, we were able to release our Dota 2 maphack, the only Dota 2 cheat available on the internet. OutDota 2 hacks has a lot of features such as:-Remove fog from minimap and mainmap- Reveals units no both minimap and mainmap- Cam distant hack- Reveal illusions- Show ping signalsTo activate Dota 2 cheats, follow these steps. If you have any problem with download or using file. I have never see a legit hacker like cybergoldenhacker He didn't fail me,actually i was looking for a way to hack to my girl friend whatsapp because she was playing games on me, That i was frustrated that i didn't know what to do, so i told a friend of mine about this present issues and he recommeded me to a hacker that can help me. I was able to contact this hacker the job and he really did a great job for me.

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Im played dota really long time. About 5-6 year dota1 and now dota2.

In past, we left dota1 because of maphack sh!t. Im playing dota2 now and till last night i never see maphack etc. But my last night there s axe in enemy team. He seeing every ward in map, every one of us in fog etc.

While playing i think 'oh, maybe they putting just so much ward so he can see us.' But something bothered me. Because some things happened in game and it was really impossible without cheat. After game i download replay and watch it from begining to end. And i see turth.

Axe have really maphack. For example, when my friend pudge go enemy jungle with 'invisible', axe immedietly runing off from jungle and then pinging my friends head. Im repating, my friend have 'invisible'. But axe still can ping my friends head.

Look another example, in minute 23 25 (i was playing PhantomLancer) i was in my jungle. Another example, my premade CM put some wards to stupid locations just check if they still killing wards or not. And they attacked even this wards. If u watch replay, axe pinging my head in jungle for his teammates and they are coming to me after this. And there s no ward, no invisible player etc. He seeing me in fog. I will open this thread some dota forums etc, so please guys share this replay for ban this cheater noob and clear gameplay & fun for every fair player.

Thanks for reading.Here Match ID: Here is YouTube link of I mentioned about pudge going jungle with invisible.Here replay link1; (thanks for who find this ^ )Here replay link2; (dont worry i have anti-virus in my pc, so there s no virus)' '. Umm, you better show us some of the other 'suspicious' moments. Because this one does not indicate at all that he is using maphack.Despite your crappy phone recording (gee, if only there was a computer program that let you record your screen) you can see a red dot on bottom rune. I assume that is a dire ward?So the enemy team sees a Pudge pick up an invis rune, and then disappear. At this point any decent Dota player knows it is time to hide, or at not stay around in the jungle alone with half hp. You can even see Dire team pinging the bottom rune indicating they noticed that you picked up the invis.EDIT: Okay, since I had to sit down and eat anyway, I decided to look at the replay while eating.1) Every time Pudge tries to gank he walks past a ward.

Dota 2 Map Hack Without Survey Video

In the case from the video Dire have a rune ward and Nyx pings the invis rune just before Pudge takes it, and then team pings on Pudge with invis (before he activate it).2) If you use player perspective, you can see exactly where Axe keeps his camera and mouse all the time. Not once does his camera jump to something suspicious like a location in fog to see what happens there. This is usually how you detect a maphacker, they will move their camera to look at things that they should not actually be able to see.3) Axe and Zues spends a lot of time dewarding with the help of Zues lighting (did you know it show wards OP?). Sometimes his lightning find wards during fights.

But a lot of times Axe pings on a cliff for Zues to come to deward, Zues comes and use lighting, but there is no actual ward there. If they have maphack they sure spend a lot of time faking erroneous dewarding.4) I went into the dotabuff of your suppose. He has a 51% winrate, and even the last days he has been losing a lot. I would expect a maphacker to win more than 50% if he suddenly started cheating.My conclussion: no maphack. The minimap only tells so much. You would want to know the hp/mp of a target, what items he has, what spells they are using, etc.If we take the gank from the video as an example. If I was using maphack I would have the camera in such a way that I could see Pudge, so when he starts the hook animation I could dodge it.And how do you explain all the mistakes they do?


Like the missed dewarding, or the missed blink calls? Or how about the situation at 7:55? Pudge is on his way to gank Axe, but Axe doesnt react at all, instead he keeps pulling creeps.

Not until Pudge is right on top of Axe he starts reacting. Pudge was far behind enemy lines and Axe had Lich and CK near him. If Axe could see Pudge then the three of them could have just killed him right away, instead Axe dies solo because of no reaction to Pudge ganking him.You can never be 100% and ofc there is always a chance this guy cheats.

But nothing I have seen so far in the replay is evidence enough for it.

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