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The 'WM' Assistant Software is aimed at assisting the parameters configuration of WooKong-M. In addition to the accurate real-time flight data display, there is also another new feature - 'Remote Parameter Adjustment'. You only need an IOS equipment that supports Bluetooth 4.0 (such as: iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPod touch5). During the flight, you can adjust the gain value of the aircraft any time to make it more stable. At the same time, it supports data import and export and will backup in to the Clouds Server. Chris.kacz, Must Have for your WKM!This app and bluetooth module simplifies your adjustments on the go.


Conditions and payload are always changing and need tuning or adjustments. Forget your laptop and leave it at home. No more worries about drivers for the computer and charging your laptop battery. You will never forget to bring your phone and parameter adjustments are right there at your finger tips in a few seconds. App made for simple and advanced setup.

Includes all instructions and information needed to get you going. Make adjustments on the ground or in the air. Thank you DJI!

Dji Wookong M Driver Reviews

DJI officially released the LED-BT-I (Bluetooth Indicator)The WooKong-M now provides assistant software for iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPad3, iPad4, iPadmini, iPod5. You can adjust parameters at any time on your mobile device only through an LED indicator with a built-in Bluetooth module which makes it easy and convenient. It uses low power Bluetooth to minimize the power consumption of your mobile device,is easy to use and will automatically save your last connection records. The password mechanism ensures your safety link. Parameters can be automatically synchronized to the Cloud Server and can be restored immediately when you change your mobile device.How to use it?Specification- Built-in Bluetooth(4.0)- Interface: CAN-BUS/USB micro- Max communication distance: 50m(line of sight)- Weight: 25g- Power Consumption: 0.3A@6VThis package includes:1.

Dji M Lite Software

Bluetooth and LED Indicator (2-in-1)Suitable for: DJI WooKong-M SystemProduct Status: In-Stock.

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