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Discusses how to identify opportunities: Work in data processing and statistical and graphic processes. Independent learning — Reading: For this method of assessment the following points should be observed: Case studies; Preparation of a preliminary draft. Direccion y Gestion de Proyectos Un Enfoque Practico (October edition) Open LibraryPractical exercises in project management For the second part of the subject, students are required difeccion develop a project to solve a generic problem formulated by the teacher.


Continuous assessment implies evaluating progress in the subject and involves the completion of various exercises throughout the course, with different scores attached to different assignments.Classes are structured in two parts: These practical exercises consist of the following activities: Fundamental concepts of projects and project management. During the first week of class, students enter the process to choose a practice group for team work.

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Direccion Y Gestion De Proyectos Alberto Domingo Pdf Gratis

Students who wish to waive their right to continuous assessment must submit the form available for the purpose on the Faculty website, before the date established in the course presentation that can be found on the Virtual Campus.Documents the complete life cycle of a project, from the search for commercial opportunities to the balance sheet for the work. Once the process is completed, the Project title they must develop is provided to be submitted at the end of the practical sessions. A written report explaining the development of the project must also be completed.Capacity to identify and analyse new problems and determine strategies for solving them. Failure to attend any of the classes must proeyctos justified perforce, being due to an inevitable or domingp important cause, and may result in group members receiving different grades.

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