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We have been instructed by the owners to reduce the prices on the two watercraft below:Century Resorter: 17 ft., 1950Notes from the owner: “Rare 17 ft Century Resorter. This classic is a daily driver meant to be run and enjoyed. It has a good finish and runs well. 140 hours on it last summer. It has new upholstery (2018), Sikaflex bottom seams, and all original.

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Includes wood flag poles and Venturi bailer, spare rubber and trim-lines and fenders too. It has been converted to 12 volt. New custom trailer that allows one person launch and load. Powered by the original numbered Gray Marine Phantom Six, (six cylinder),112 hp. Has a rare foot throttle. Comes with custom canvas cover.

I have too many toys and am selling this one”.Original Price: $19,250. New price, as of July, 2018: $13,750. For contact information, please click on the link.Crackerbox RaceboatMid 1930’s Crackerbox Gentleman’s Racer: 14 ft., mid 1930sThis mid 1930s (precise year unknown) Cracker Box Gentleman’s Racer offers a strong running 60 hp. V8 Ford flathead engine with period correct speed equipment, including a California mag., finned aluminum heads, etc. The boat is in generally good condition and the engine runs well.

The sale includes a single axle trailer, which would benefit from new tires.Original price: $9,900.New price, May 2018, $8,400For contact information, please click on the link.Congratulations to the seller and buyer of this Duke Playmate project boat. (above) The Duke sold in eight weeks on the Port Carling Boats website and has gone to a professional restorer for a major “face-lift.”Tags:, Comments Off on New prices on two classics and a “recently sold.”.


Here in michigan if you keep it under 16' I believe you don't need a title to register, and get mc numbers, but I think it has to be an outboard.Beautiful boats, but a bitch to maintain if you run them. Think yearly sanding / revarnish. I'd love one with fiberglass below the waterline, I think there are a few builders doing this but they cost twice what a cherry duece roadster costs!!!I'd actually like to build a roadster using a boat theme, with the decking, hardware, etc.

Now I just need 100k loan. Current fabrication techniques involve a layer of 'Vail' (Very fine mat) and resin.

The glass is so fine that it literally disappears and allows the grain to show through.Buy a copy of Wooden Boat Magazine.Loaded with ideas and books on Boat construction.I'd give you some titles to look for but all that stuff is packed away right now.I have one outdrive on the shelf and have another boat coming in next week to strip for the outdrive and steering.There are some real nice Hacker Craft plans out there.Beautiful Boats. As amazingly beautiful as they are, I hear they're a real pain in the ass. First off, unless you seal it, you have to let it sit suspended in water for like 24 to 8 hours for 'swelling'. Basically that means the wood has to swell in order for to be a seal, and so it won't sink I guess.

I've also heard they don't handle or track like a normal glass boat. I've hear they have really bad understeer (?), as in you turn the wheel and it kinda keeps going straight, but at an angle?All that being said, I'd still love to have one. I'd have to get mine sealed though, so I wouldn't have to deal with all that swelling shit. Click to expand. Great project for first timers.

My Dad and I are just finishing up our first boat. It's a Glen-L squirt. Looks like a cracker, but it's only 10 feet, and runs a 20 hp merc outboard.I just scored all the hardwhare for the next one.(v-drive, steering ect. FREE!) I'm going to build the Glen-L 15 foot crackerbox. W/ SBC power. Should be good for 100 mph.

I'll be starting as soon as I can finish the loft in the shop. Here's a pic of the squirt.Don't sweat the maintanince if you epoxy them right their easy to care for. Just read the bill of materials.Glue: Epoxy, 2 gallonsEvery year when I go up to the 'Car-D-Lane' I stay with a buddy who lives on Hayden Lake.

When we're tired of walking around looking at cars, we go out in his boat and cruise around the lake checking out all the old Centurys and other wooden boats. Got to ride in one a few years ago that was a homebuilt plank construction cruiser with a flathead V-8 for power. Guy built it back about the time I was born. Not as fast as a cracker box, but still cool.The modern built boats and canoes are covered in clear fiberglass allowing the wood to show thru. Heavy, but no more maintenance than your average glass boat.

Fiberglass Crackerbox Boats

Click to expand.When my dad was racing runabouts (the generic term for smaller semi-flat or vee bottom boats with only a foredeck) he was racing for an East coast boat company out here on the West coast. He took so much crap for the tall gunwales ('Hey? Why are you racing a FISHING BOAT?' ) that they cut the sides down to half the original height and glassed on an entirely new deck. The next year, the manufacturer came out with a lower-profile 'West coast style' model.The deck later began to de-laminate during a race out to Catalina Island and back (26 miles of open ocean each way) and started to open at the bow like a big alligator mouth, scooping air and water, and making the boat nearly flip at least once. My half-brother, riding co-pilot with my dad, layed out on the foredeck with my father holding a leg in one hand, and locked his wrists under the point of the bow.

He swallowed a lot of salt water, but they won the race. I guess his mom (my Dad's ex-wife) threw a fit when she saw pictures in Powerboat Magazine. Click to expand.Yeah, at Coulon park. They used to have it every year, but I haven't been in a couple. I think its usually around the 4th of July.

There are a couple other shows locally that are similar, but I always liked this one the best because it was just the runabouts. Others had the big boats and only a few runabouts.

My buddy restores (mostly) Century runabouts and he usually lets me know when the shows are. Like I said, I haven't been to that one in a couple years, so I'm not even sure if it still takes place.

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