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. Note: This location is one of many potential targets for one or more of the radiant quests found on.Walkthrough Exterior The grounds have the typical wooden palisade surrounding the keep. The guards are and they make good use of the many elevated positions around the keep. The western tower ruin contains a semi-buried master-locked. The easiest way to access the chest is to climb up the rubble from outside of the wall.

An apprentice-locked chest is located on the very top of the keep, between the two rear towers. Using the keep's series of ramps and lookout platforms, approach from the west and climb/jump up the rubble to the top. The keep's courtyard has several outbuildings designed for sustaining an army. From left to right around the courtyard is a smokehouse with a variety of being cured and various animal, a small rest area containing a copy of, and then the main door to the keep.

Across from the door is the fully equipped smithy, complete with a, and a. There is a random verification needed — Up to material? on top of the workbench. Inside the smithy's shed is a table with a selection of poor quality and and a copy of the.There are three entrances into the keep. The first, and most direct, is the front door.

The second is ideal for stealth based characters, a door with a level-dependent verification needed lock, directly south from the smithy and down a flight of stairs. This is the door to the cellar and can grant an advantage towards the guards in the main room. The third is a trapdoor, located on top of the southeast tower, which leads directly to the boss. Cracked Tusk Keep Entering through the main door leads you right into the well-lit guards' area on two levels with at least two; one on each level. A dresser just inside the entrance on the left has a and a on top. Opposite the entrance is a cupboard holding two common, a bottle of and a bottle of.

Cracked tusk keep skyrim loading

There is a counter against the northeast wall with a haunch of raw, a joint of, a and two on top. Hanging above from racks is a. To the right is a barrel with a basket containing a and some. To the left of the counter is a wooden door with stairs leading down to the cellar. There are six unowned bedrolls on the floor.There are stairs against the rear wall leading up to the upper level, where a long table and benches are laid out with a, a portion of, a, a and a loaf of. There is a chair by the top of the stairs with an and random leaning against it.


There is an end table along with several food sacks around the walls and a set of shelves against the southwest wall holding a random, a random, or, a medium, five common books including a copy of and several food sacks. In the eastern corner there has been a cave-in.There is a wooden door to the southeast to the bandit leader's quarters. Through the door is a room with a fireplace on the right and a pair of on the hearth that you cannot interact with. There are food sacks on either side and a ladder to the left that leads to a trap door exit out onto one of the towers.

Opposite this is an opening to 's bedroom, where you will find him. There is an unowned double bed coming out from the northeast wall with a dresser on the right with a copy of the on top and a basket beside it containing two sheaves of. To the left of the bed is a set of shelves holding a random, a, a small coin purse, a leveled potion of healing, and nine common books. At the foot of the bed is an unlocked boss-level chest and in the corner a round table and chair with a copy of on top. Ghunzul also carries a copy of the Cracked Tusk Vault key.Through the door on the ground floor to the northwest is a passage that descends a flight of stairs. At the bottom is a cupboard holding only clutter, with a random pair of to the left. On your right is the room where you would arrive if entering through the novice-locked entrance south of the smithy.

Beside the entrance is a long wooden table with an built in. On the table is a random or and, while hanging above are two bunches of dried and three bunches of dried. To the right is a cupboard holding several, two empty random, a sprig of, a, a random potion of healing and a food sack. Beside the cupboard is an end table with a basket of and a random pair of on top. Opposite the table is a dresser containing with a, a quiver of and a potion of minor stamina on top. There are a couple of barrels and sacks around the room and in the southwestern corner is a passage blocked by spears with an expert-locked cage on the wall, containing a button that activates the spears. The cage can be unlocked with the key taken from Ghunzul or without it.

Beyond the spears is a flight of stairs down to a wooden door leading to Cracked Tusk Vaults. Cracked Tusk Vaults There are no enemies within the vaults, but the vaults have suffered quite a bit of damage from cave-ins and there are still several traps that are armed and can cause damage to the unwary. There is a passage behind the door leading down to the southeast.

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In front of you is a counter with a random potion of healing and two empty random soul gems on top. Beside this is a basket containing a.

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There are a number of food sacks and barrels of found throughout the vaults. At the bottom of the stairs is a room with spears blocking access.

To the right is a button that lowers the spears. The room contains a dresser, cupboard and set of shelves holding a small coin purse, a random, an, a copy of, a potion of minor healing and a random poison. There is also a broken table in the corner with a potion of minor stamina, a random potion, an empty and a filled random soul gem among the remains. Slightly farther along the passage, on the left is another room, again with the spears and button. Inside this room is a set of shelves holding clutter with a on top and a random leaning against it, a wooden bench with a copy of the skill book at one end and a random potion of healing at the other.

There is an on top of a couple of barrels and beside these a cupboard holding a set of, a random helmet and gauntlets. Farther along the passage opens up in front of double sets of spears blocking the passage both horizontally and vertically. On the left is an unlocked chest and an with a set of shelves that have been knocked over by a cave-in, knocking a random potion of magicka onto some more barrels. There are pillars with levers either side of the passage that activate the spears and giving access ahead and beyond these are three in a row along the central passage. Excellink 2007 crack. These trigger that are easily avoided. To the left is a fourth tripwire that triggers a trap.

To the right is an adept locked chest. At the end of the passage is a plinth with the sitting on a that also triggers a poison dart trap. Standing to the left when taking them and jumping back allows you to avoid damage.

Notes. There is an located 150 feet due north of the keep.Bugs. If the quest directs you here, check to see if you have already visited this location.

This location does not respawn, so if you have been here before, the Moon Amulet cannot spawn here and you cannot complete the quest. This issue has been addressed by version 2.1.0 of the; the location will be forced to reset and anything stored here will be lost. Without the Unofficial Patch, you will need to reload a previous save to get a different location from.Maps.

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