Counter Strike Xtreme V6 Weapons Patch

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Counter Strike Xtreme V6 Weapons Patches

Rescue hostages (Hostage Rescue) Applies to a place that starts with cs, for example: csassault, csmilitia, etc. Translator offline terbaik. In this place, counter-terrorists must rescue four hostages (hostages) are located at the headquarters of terrorist (T Seeds) Secret murder (Murder) Applies to initial as, for example: astundra, asoilrig, etc. Murder In this scenario, a member of counter-terrorists became the VIP team. Members do not have to die until you reach a safe place (usually a helicopter or a tank). This scenario is not much in the game Counter-Strike. Shoot (Scotland Yard Fight) Applies to initial fy, for example: fyrush, fyunseen, etc. In this scenario both teams just did a shootout.

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