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No fuzzy/snowy frames on VHS tape. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections.Seller Notes:“ It comes with game disc, case and manual. ”Region Code:NTSC-J (Japan)Platform:Sega DreamcastUPC:Does not apply.

Contents.GameplayCapcom vs. SNK 2 combines characters and gameplay elements from various and fighting games, mainly the Street Fighter and The King of Fighters seriesthough elements are also borrowed from the Fatal Fury and Samurai Shodown series.In contrast to the original Capcom vs. SNK, characters no longer have a specific 'Ratio.' Instead the player can select up to three characters in a team and give an amount or ratio (up to four) to each as desired. In console versions of the game, players can also choose a 1-on-1 game or a 3-on-3 game in arcade mode with the ratio system removed.Unlike the first game, which was based on the King of Fighters-style two-strength, four button system of punches and kicks, Capcom vs.

SNK 2 is based on the three strength, six-button system of punches and kicks, native to the Street Fighter series, with the SNK characters being tweaked to fit the 6-button style. The overall system is derivative of, however, a number of different fighting styles called 'grooves', which mimic other Capcom and SNK games, are included in the engine. These dictate both the character's Super Gauge system, and special techniques, such as dashes, running, and guard cancels, called 'Subsystems'.There are six grooves in total, each designtated with a letter, along with custom grooves that can be programmed in home versions of the game. Each player designates prior to the match which groove his or her team will use.Characters Capcom Side. Akuma. Balrog.

Blanka ( ). Cammy. Chun-Li ( ).

Dan Hibiki ( ). Dhalsim ( ). Eagle ( Street Fighter). Edmond Honda ( Street Fighter II). Guile ( Street Fighter II).

Ken Masters ( Street Fighter). Kyosuke Kagami ( Rival Schools).

M. Bison ( ). Maki Genryusai ( Final Fight 2).

Morrigan Aensland ( Darkstalkers). Rolento ( ). Evil Ryu ( ) (Dreamcast only). Ryu ( Street Fighter). Sagat ( Street Fighter).

Capcom Vs. Snk Millennium Collection

Sakura Kasugano ( ). Vega ( ).

Capcom vs snk 2 rom

Capcom Vs Snk 2 Download Game

Yun ( Street Fighter III). Zangief ( ). Shin Akuma ( )SNK Side. Planner: NeoG (H.

Ishizawa), Takechan♥, ☆Oni-Suzuki☆, Mitsuaki Araki, Haman♥Satoru, Buruma (Kojimax). Visual Planner: Haruo Murata, Tomonori Ohnuma. Programmer: Hyper Shinchan, Senor, Hard.Yas -Groove-, Yu Kawamura, Yanagi, Kumiko Morita, tencho, Yoji Mikami, ♥Nae♥Cham♥. Network Programmer: Tomohiro Ueno, Batayon, Masao Matsumoto, Miss, Koide, Kentaro★Kaneko, Kaz Yunde, Jun Matsumoto, Shin., Kohei Akiyama. A.C.R.

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