Canon Ir3300 Hdd Software

Canon Ir3300 Hdd Software

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Thanks for the reply. Here's the deal: Copier is dead screen e632-0003. So I have 2 laptops- one old, parellel port. Essay advantages and disadvantages of diwali festival 2017. The other newer with cross cable. I have no screen so I have use the parellel cable in download mode. At first I tried to reload the firmware over parrellel.

Canon Ir3300 Hdd Software Free

It took forever and still E632.So I bought a new hard drive, installed and reloaded software. Still took forever and still E632-003. So I am assuming the hard drive was not formatted.I have SST 1.x on the old laptop and upgraded to SST3.x on the new one with crosscable.I also have a running machine right next to it but if I take that one down I'd be dead.How does one format hard drive with SST?My firmware CD has ALL and ALL-HD. Is this how I format? Download ALL-HD?I tried to use the Format Utility in a IR 2200 subfold but it gave me an error saying the models were not compatible (2220n vs. Here is a few ideasE602-0003 Error Code: Because Main Controller PCB is faulty Case in the field DescriptionIn the field, the error code occurred because the Main controller PCB was faulty.Field RemedyWhen the symptom occurs, replace the Main controller PCB with a new one.FG3-1742 Main Controller PCB AssemblySymptomE602-0003: due to a hard disk sector abnormalityDescriptionIt is thought that this error code is generated by a mismatch between the data management information and actual data because the power is turned OFF with incorrect timing.

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