Bmw E60 520i Software Update


I run an 2003 (September) e60 530i. It must be one of the very first e60s.I bought a 2014 sat nav DVD from a main dealer in Harrogate who took my vin and registration. When I installed the DVD, my iDrive screen was blank. Reading the instructions, it was only compatible with later models ( I forget the exact dates ).As they sold me it, they did me a 'special deal'. DVD was around £150 and then another £150 to reprogram the car. They had the car for three days, it was on their system for 17 hours apparently.

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E60 Software Update

Every module in the car ended up having to be flashed. They vowed never to do another one!It did sort out a few things though, proper auto on the climate system ( had to manually adjust the fan speed previously ), traffic on the nav system, dipping passenger mirror and a few other minor enhancements. Biggest improvement was my original intention, to get uptodated maps, made the nav useable again. Why did you update the MULF?It failed in hot weather.When the MULF dies, it cocks up the iDrive and radio.The replacement worked on my other halfs phone, but mine was in a constant connect/disconnect loop.

I think my phone was simply newer than the software in the MULF could cope with (it came from a late 53 plate E60).An update made it much better, in as much as it remained connected fine, and I could adjust the volume with the radio volume knob the same way the volume on the Satnav is adjusted.Sadly that MULF only lasted a few glorious months before failing (again on a baking hot day), the second replacement I have fitted now works fine but I can't adjust the volume. I couldn't be bothered updating this one, just that simple little bluetooth module takes 2 hours to update once you hit the GO button in WinKFP.I did have to change the language using NCS Expert as it was speaking in Spanish but that is simple enough.Lord knows how long a MASK would take, some modules are 10hrs plus on their own, hence give it to a dealer, the risk of goosing a module if a screensaver comes on, battery (car or lappy) drains too low etc is simply not worth it. The software is absolutely specifically tailored to every module in the car - there's no issue with compatibility.

Bmw E60 520i Software Update

A 2004 car can definitely run the latest software. Unless you use the BMW 'Factory' tools it's virtually impossible to download incompatible software to your car using the BMW 'Dealer' software.The issues are with the amount of software and the interface and tools used to program them. In some cars there can be 40+ modules that all need updating. The CCC or CIC (Nav) has needs a huge software download on its own.

Bmw e60 520i software update 2016

Bmw E60 520i Software Update Problems

Depending on the garage's tools and your car the time varies massively. I seem to remember when I looked at updating my entire car the update tool estimated a time of more than one day (doing it through the OBD2 port) that's a garage ramp tied up for 24 hours and there's plenty of time for a glitch to cause the whole process to abort.

Description BMW Firmware Software Update Full VehicleBMW Firmware Software Update Full VehicleAll modern BMW vehicles have multiple electronic modules, all these modules have software.This software tells the car certain factors that are important for the correct operation of your BMW. As time passes BMW improve the existing software of the modules.A BMW software update will optimise and expand the electronic functionality of your BMW.Example: If you have a 2005 car, the software will be old,most of the modules will probably have old software which can be not operating correctly to its full potential, when updated your BMW will function even better and more efficiently.The complete vehicle is updated using the very latest software level released by BMW.

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