At90s2313 Programmer Software

Standard PCB3B Willem Programmer User GuideEnhanced/Dual PoweredWillem EPROM ProgrammerUser GuideMain Board / CablesMain Board PCB3.5Main Board PCB4EMain Board PCB5.0Main Board PCB5.5CParallel DataCable (Printer extension cable, withmale-female 25 pin connector, andpin to pinthrough)A-A type USBcable(for power)Optional Items:ATMEL 89AdapterATMEL PLCC 44AdapterTSOP 48AdapterFWH/HUBPLCC32AdapterPLCC32AdapterSOICAdapter(Simplified)On-BoardOn-BoardAC or DC PowerAdapter (9V or 12V, 200mA)SOICAdapter(Professional). Set the DIP switch based on the displayedpattern.(Note: the LPT port of PC MUST set to ECP or ECP+EPP duringBIOS setup.

To enter the BIOS setting mode, you need press 'Del' key or'F1' key during the computer selftest, which is the moment of computerjust power up.)Software Version To UseThe software can be downloadfromThere areboard hardware selection jumper on the board. When set the jumper toPCB3B, then user have to use 0.97ja and before versionsoftware.If theboard selection set to PCB3.5, PCB5.0, PCB5.5C, then the software 0.98D6should be used.The software interface:HardwareCheckAfter startthe program, click test hardwar under Help menu. If the connection andpower supply is normal, then appears: 'Hardware present'Otherwise check if the programmer connects well with PC, or powersupply is normal.PCB3.5/PCB4E(Two PLCC32 adapter is not applied on the PCB4E)PCB5.0PCB5.5CNote: the Vcc setting jumper only has effect when you areusing AC adaptor as power source. For the USB power only 5V Vcc isavailable.For the PCB5.5C, set DIPsteps:1. Press DIP Set button twice to check current DIP bitposition. Then set it again for ON or OFF.2.


Press DIP Bit shift button to shift the DIP bit positionto where need to set. And then press DIP Set button twice to check currentDIP bit position. Then set it again for ON or OFF.3. Repeat those steps till all DIP bit ae set same assoftware indicated.For PCB5.5C voltage and Specialchip selection:1. Put back the safety jumper.2.

Press the voltage button and hold for 1 second, thevoltage LED should move to next. Repeat till desired voltage LED lightup.3. Press the chip selection button and hold for 1second, the chip LED should move to next. Repeat till desired LEDlight up.4.

Remove the safety jumper to lock the selected voltage andchip selectionDIP Switch (PCB3.5, PCB5.0)When programming onechip, follow the program prompt to set DIPswitch. The screen:Steps:. Before test, set the DIP switch, jumpersetup to software prompted. Address Pin Test: click the one of the pushbutton in the Address Out group, use multimeter detect output signal inthe ZIF32 socket. The software interface:Toolbar:Read data file to buffer, it can be:Intel HEX (.hex); Binary (.bin); Motorola S Record (.s); ALLEprom File (.bin,.hex,.s)Save data to a file from bufferClear buffer of programmer softwareRead data from chip to programmer bufferBlank verify. Verify the chip if it is blankDisplaychip's factory IDProgramming/Test. Programm the chip or test the SRAM.Erase.Erase content of chip.Programmingbit control.

For MCS51, AVRFile: Open,Save, Exit.Edit: EditbufferDevice: Selection of targetdevice/chip.Action: Theoperations for the taget device/chip.Help: Helpinfomation.Main area insoftware: From left to right there are four sections1, chipselection and parameterrea2, hardwarejumper and setting indication picture.3, MCUchip's parameter setting, such as lock bit.4,programming parameter setting and fine adjustment. Normallya default value can be used.Tab pageselection:Thebottom of main program screen is series tab windowbutton.Click'Buffer' button,display buffer content. The first column of datais data address, last column is the data ASCII code, the middle isdata hex value. If internal EEPROM exists in PIC MCU, the EEPROMdata content displays automatically.Status bar: Displays programmer's currentstatus: the chip write in is not correct, wrong programmingposition, programmer problem and so on. Theoperation to EPROM chip is similar to general BIOS chip. The maindiffrence is: the programmer jumper needs relevant ground setup.As an example: write a 27C16(programming voltage is 12.5V), alsoyou need change the Vcc voltage setting accordingly.

Some chipsneed the Vcc set to 6.2V when doing programming.1.Select the chip and configurationSet the chip andmake sure the jumper for that chip is correct, the programdisplays the DIP switch setting. Follow the figure toset up the DIP switch, includes the jumper next to DIPswitch.TheDIP switch setup is: toward to upper side is on, towardto bottom side is off.

As to above figure, the DIP switch is:ON, ON, OFF, OFF, OFF, ON, OFF, ON, ON, OFF, OFF, OFF.2.Fix the chip positionAfter DIP switchset-up, insert the chip to 32 PIN ZIF socket, check the specialchip setting is correct.Forthe chips have capacity less than 1M, PIN fewer than 32 PIN, thechip installation is shown the right figure, align with the bottomof ZIF socket:Thefollows operation is read in data file, programming. Whenprogramming, the red indicator lights up. This shows theprogrammer has corect voltage Vpp.Note:if wrongly selected the chip type, theEPROM chip may bedamaged. Some EPROM chip, like W27C512 orW27C512,they are 27series, but no erasing window on the top. Then,they have to be erased electronically. Select the target MCU chip, the programprompts the relevant adapter.

As toAVR chip, choose the target chip,the program prompts thecorrect adapter socket.Meanwhile, at the chip configurationarea, display the right setup list in order to choosePIC MCU configuration parameters.CKSEL0.2:Reset delay selectionBODEN:BOD(power off test)permissionBODENLEVEL:BOD strike voltage selectionFSTRT:upper start time selectionRCEN:internal RC oscillation permissionSPIEN:SPI serial programmingpermissionByusing this adapter, it is able to program MCS-51 seriesMCU. The MCU includes ATMEL & INTEL.Itsupports:.

90 series AVR8-bit RISC: A T90S1200,AT90S2313Other AVR chipsneed 51-AVR+ adator, such as 90S2333, 90S4433, 90S44,90S4434, 90S8535This adaptor is able toprogram MCS-51 series PLCC MCU, such as 89C51PLCC44. Please note,it is used with ATMEL89 Adapor.This adaptor is able toprogram TSOP48 flash chip.

At90s2313 Programmer Schematic

More details please see supporteddevice list. The default jumper setting on the base board isabove.

Please change it as needed. JP2 jumper keep it closenormorlly. It will increase the compatibility betwwen the similar device. Only try to open it for some chip if programming fail. The JP2 jumperis not in the original design and it also not documented for the most ofchip.Bellow is the TSOP48 adaptor on board, pleasereffer to jumper setting section for A19 and A20 connection.

AVR ISP programmer (In-System Programmer)      ThisISP programmer circuit, based on AT90S1200 device.I foundthe schematic of this programmer in my 'AVR software and technicalLibrary - April 2003' CD-rom and decide to publish it. The reason was,thatthis programmer is very stable and works perfect with AVR Studio 4. Ihad tested it before published it, with AT90s2313 and its worked fine!!!Towork this programmer you must to connect a crysta l 4MHz to slave device at the XTAL1 and XTAL2 pins, or if you havean device with internal oscillator (AT90S2343, ATmega161 etc) and its enabled, its not need any external oscillator.Ifyou want you can use MAX232 or MAX202 instead transistors, capacitors and resistorsto connect master AT90S1200 with Personal Computer (PC). There is no problem(i check this hardware by using MAX202).  Device SupportList:    ATtiny12ATtiny15AT90S1200(A)AT90S2313AT90S2323AT90S2333AT90S2343AT90S4414AT90S4433AT90S4434AT90S8515AT90S8535ATmega83ATmega103ATmega161ATmega163ATmega603 TheAVR® In-System Programmer team:     OleSaether    TerjeFrostad    IngarFredriksen    MortenW. MoreAVR devices? made some modifications to the AVR910.asm file and create theAVR9102313v3.asm. This code can program more devices than AVR910.asm v2.2 does.The AVR prog 1.37 show all this devices. I don't know if really program them withv3.0.

All devices that ( maybe) can be programmed by version 3 are:  AT90SxxxxATtinyXXATmegaXXXX AT90S1200 rev. A.AT90S1200 rev. B.AT90S1200 rev. C.AT90S1200.AT90S2313.AT90S2323.AT90S2333AT90S2343.AT90S4414.AT90S4433AT90S4434AT90S8515.AT90S8535. ATtiny12ATtiny15ATtiny19ATtiny28ATtiny26.              ATmega8.ATmega8 BOOT.ATmega16.ATmega16 BOOT.ATmega32.ATmega32 BOOT.ATmega64.ATmega64 BOOT.ATmega8515.ATmega8515 BOOT.ATmega103ATmega603ATmega128ATmega128 BOOTATmega161ATmega161 BOOTATmega163ATmega83ATmega163 BOOTATmega83 BOOTATmega8535.ATmega8535 BOOT.


Devices with asterisk have been verified to program. Please let us know of anyother device you have used.  ThisISP programmer circuit based on AT90S2313 device.     Hardwaremodifications: - Instead of  BAS16diodes you can use 1N4001- Instead of  BC847Cyou can use BC547C- Instead of  BC857Cyou can use BC557C    Downloadfiles of this project.

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