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If you would like to become a maintainer of this extension, please contact us: for Joomla is an Open Source component that enables CKEditor in your favorite CMS.It is provided by CKSource, the company that created CKEditor and CKFinder. No registration is required to download and the component is free to use.The following features are included in the component:- the latest stable release of CKEditor 3.x,- built-in support for CKFinder, an advanced Ajax file browser,- administration section with lots of configuration options to customize CKEditor to your needs,- Link Browser - a dedicated plugin for Joomla!,- multilingual interface, RTL support, Paste from Word, and all other cool features that are available in CKEditor.A few words about CKEditor:CKEditor is an online rich text editor that can be embedded inside web pages.

It is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor which means that the text edited in it looks as similar as possible to the results end users will see after the document gets published. It brings to the Web popular editing features found in desktop word processors such as Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.org Writer. CKEditor is truly lightweight and does not require any kind of installation on the client computer.You can learn more about CKEditor on the official CKEditor website (click the 'DEMO' link). If you are looking for a package that includes a CKFinder license and a dedicated e-mail support channel, visit refer to the project homepage (hosted by joomlacode.org) to report bugs or add feature requests.

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I used to love this editor, I even recommended it to other Joomla users. But recently, I noticed that: 1). This editor strip away my HTML code, regardless that I had already set to 'No filter' in Global Configuration. Sony pc companion_2.10.094_web.exe. It shows the ads/warning message on the top of EVERY page, even those only show a plain textarea!The support is even worse!

I posted a feature request a long time ago on their forum but never responded by the developers, let alone they never implemented it.The CKeditor team just ruined the good image of this editor in my mind. I am going to give up and turn to other options.

Owner's reply:Hi tim92109,we are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with CKEditor. From your description it is quite difficult to understand what could possibly have gone wrong, so it would be great if you could use the tracker (see to file a detailed bug report.If you give us more details about your setup, explain the problem, and paste some code samples ('before' and 'after' the change), our developers will be able to investigate. Without this information it really is difficult to find the reason for unexpected CKEditor behavior. I had been using CK Editor since before it was called CK editor. I recently needed to redo a huge website and thought I'd try a new, highly rated editor, so I installed another of the popular Joomla editors.

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I tried that for a few days, and even paid for an extension to make it do what I always got CK Editor to do for free. Well, I came away disappointed, and am happily back to using CK Editor. Yes, it's a bit more trouble to install CK Finder (once), but once done, my time spent editing is actually MUCH faster than with the other editors. Some things I love about CK Editor:I can swith between code view and design view while the editor is still fully maximized. A big time saver.I can drag multiple images from my desktop right in to the ck finder window, into the folder I choose.I found it a lot easier to make the editor css style view match my front end website view and css style.It is a breeze to make custom templates.So for anyone who has a negative experience with this great editor, there must be something they have done incorrectly.

Plus, it's a totally free extension for Joomla. Owner's reply:We are really sorry to hear you are disappointed with the extension, however, there seems to be some misunderstanding here and we are not entirely sure you are, in fact, reviewing our extension available here.The CKEditor extension is totally free, it is an Open Source product and you can use it however and wherever you wish. As for support, a bug tracker is publicly available (see and you are most welcome to use the community support forums (- both options are free of charge. Full documentation is also available for your convenience: is also not true that you need to pay to upload files - you can easily use the built-in Joomla functionality for that. As for other 'vital' plugins: if you mean CKEditor plugins, we neither create nor charge for them - they are community work and are available at our forum, mostly for free: only thing that you could, potentially, pay for, is the commercial version of the extension that is bundled with CKFinder (an advanced file manager) and 24h dedicated e-mail support channel.

Ajax File Manager Ckeditor Mac

However, this is a separate product (that is.not. available in The Joomla! Extensions Directory and has never been advertised as 'free'.As for the bug that you experienced, see here: you are sure that our extension is causing the problem, we would kindly ask you to file a bug report at our tracker, we will be more than happy to look into this issue and correct it. Much appreciated!

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